I’m in love – with the Morris Blazer

I’ve been eyeing the Morris Blazer since it first came out. Initially I wanted to wait a bit to see what people made with it, what they said about fit, etc. Just to see if it would be the right thing for me, the right fit.

After seeing so many amazing results, I decided to give it a try.

I bought a not too thick double knit jersey with one darker blue grey side and one lighter blue grey side. It was really beautiful to sew, I hardly needed any pins at all, no moving, hardly any stretching, just beautiful to use. I’m glad to have some left over.


Going by the measurements on the envelope (yes, this is my first printed indie pattern), I cut out a size 8. The only adjustment I made was, as usual, to take a bit in at the back of the arm scythe, and I also took in a little bit at the lower back. I’ve got a sway back and didn’t want the Blazer to be too wide in the first instance. Everything else I left as is and followed the instructions.

This was a really easy sew, it came together in two evenings. The instructions are very clear and if in doubt there’s a tutorial as well.


I sewed everything up on my normal machine first and neatened with the overlocker.


For some reason the back facing and centre back seam didn’t line up, but unless it’s inside out, you can’t tell.


The fabric I bought had a fault, which I decided to incorporate into the design. The sleeves juuust fit so that I could run the fault down the centre of the sleeves.


I debated for a while about what thread to use for the top stitching. I liked the light blue to match the fault in the fabric, but I also liked the darker grey. In the end I decided to go for the blue on the grey side of the fabric and the dark grey thread on the lighter side of the fabric. Here my test bit…


And here a closeup of the result, although you can’t properly see the light blue…


I love it, it’s so comfortable, while still looking put together for work. Just perfectly what I like. And imagine that, I’ve got a necklace that fits the blue grey perfectly!


Since finishing this about two weeks ago and wearing it quite a lot, I’ve gone out and bought another bit of fabric for another one (this one is also a stable knit and I may use some more visible contrast top stitching) and I’m thinking about another one, this time woven with maybe bias binding, like one of Sew Busy Lizzie‘s versions. I may also add some pockets. I do love pockets. And then there is the option of making one version that’s longer and a bit wider like Katie’s Boyfriend Morris. So many options and decisions.

I love it when I find a pattern that’s perfect for me. And even better when it’s so easy to make. My other half keeps making fun of me (in a nice way) because I talk about the Morris Blazer so much and apparently smile hugely every time I put it on (and his dad’s name was Morris…). Can’t wait for the next one.


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