My Christmas dress – another shirt dress ;) Hello Kalle

Yes, surprise surprise, my Christmas dress turned out to be another Shirtdress, seems like I have not had enough of them yet. This is the Kalle Shirt/Dress by Closet Case Patterns.

Kristina’s Style - Kalle Shirt dress

This is the perfect dress for my work, casual but nice… I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to buy this initially (I didn’t actually buy it till just before Christmas), because I wasn’t sure the loose fit suited me

I made a size 8, one size smaller than what I should make according to the sizing table. And I don’t think I would have wanted it much bigger. In terms of length, I think this is just right for me, I’m 173cm tall, so if you’re taller, maybe take a look at the length…

Kristina’s Style - Kalle Shirt dressKristina’s Style - Kalle Shirt dress

The fabric is one I bought not too long ago at the Fabric Warehouse sale, I think it’s a wool, rayon blend, and it falls soooo beautifully. It’s got the stripes on one side and little dots on the other. I wanted to show more of the dots on the collar, but accidentally sewed the collar with the dots facing inside… oh well. Therefore the back stripes match almost perfectly 😉

I just followed the instructions as is and made no changes to the pattern. I quite like this way of installing the collar, came out nice and clean. These gorgeous buttons were chosen from my stash by my other half and sewn on the morning of Christmas, just after the turkey had gone into the oven. – Yes, we do do turkey for Christmas Day, even though it can be really hot here and a BBQ would be the thing most Kiwis make. But, throw together a German and an Englishman and you’re hanging on to some traditions… Good fun through, and we always follow the late lunch by taking out pillows out in the yard for a little snooze on the lawn (what’s left of it after the heat and watering restrictions we’ve had).

Kristina’s Style - Kalle Shirt dress

I did cut out the pocket and sewed it up, but decided to leave it off, cleaner that way. Next time I make the dress I may add some side seam pockets…

Overall thoughts about this dress? I love it, with the right fabric, it can become a nice work dress, a casual holiday dress (I’m thinking linen here), or something eveningy… It’s the perfect dress for Christmas when you’re eating lots 😉

Kristina’s Style - Kalle Shirt dress

And one bonus pic from Christmas:

Kristina’s Style - Kalle Shirt dress

I have already got fabric for a tunic length Kalle, bought from Miss Maude Sewing in Greytown several weeks before Christmas. You could consider this my toile, but it is definitely more than imminently wearable. In fact, I’ve been wearing this at work about once a week, and the good thing is that it can withstand our wind. I’m usually very hesitant to wear skirts or dresses that are not super slim when it’s windy here (which is very often, and it’s not just a bit of wind, average is around 35-45 knots), I don’t fancy doing a Marilyn or holding on to my hem all day. But this dress did really well.

Kristina’s Style - Kalle Tunic

So half of this post was written just after Christmas, then I took the photos of the Christmas dress; half was written just now as I finished a tunic version (as a quick sew in between sewing a suit jacket that is proving a bit difficult), not using the fabric from Miss Maude, but a lovely dark blue/green textured silk from The Fabric Store. This has been in my stash for ages waiting for the right pattern, and this one allows that lovely peak of the green inside to come through every now and then. I tried blue thread, but didn’t like it, so this is sewn in black and the buttons are black as well, seems to work.

Kristina’s Style - Kalle TunicKristina’s Style - Kalle TunicKristina’s Style - Kalle Tunic

I did pretty much exactly what I did for the dress version, except that I did flat felled seams this time and I sandwiched the collar between the collar stands and just sewed that in one step. I also didn’t have enough fabric, so the inside yoke, outside collar stand and under collar are not cut on a fold, not that you’d notice. I’m very much looking forward to wearing this, probably even tomorrow to work. It feels to nice, the fabric, that texture is so lovely and the pattern is so comfy while looking really good. That deep dip is so cool.

Kristina’s Style - Kalle TunicKristina’s Style - Kalle TunicKristina’s Style - Kalle Tunic

Double success, and I think more to come!



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