Silk grosgrain Kimono V1493

I’ve been sitting on this fabulous silk grosgrain for a long time. And I’ve owned this Kimono pattern V1493 for a long time. Reading Marcy’s post about the pattern finally let me to match the fabric with the pattern and actually make it. And what a success!!! I love it! (And it’s got pockets!)

Kristina’s Style - V1493 Kimono top

Thanks so much Marcie for your post, not sure I would habe cut into this fabric or the pattern any time soon. And you are so right, this is not actually a hard pattern. It came together in about 2-3 hours, not difficult really. If you mark your pieces properly (as Marcie mentioned). I utterly adore this silk grosgrain (the lines are horizontal unlike a twill or drill where they are diagonally), bought quite a long time ago at the Fabric Store, and am so happy to have found the perfect pattern to show it’s full glory! It’s quite stiff, not drapey at all, perfect for this.

Kristina’s Style - V1493 Kimono top

I made a size S (one size smaller than what I should do according to the envelope) and it is perfect that way, I don’t think I would want it any bigger. Even though I’ve only made this about 3 weeks ago, I cannot quite remember whether I made any changes or deviated from the instructions, I don’t think so… at least I don’t remember doing anything differently – apart from obliviously leaving off the trim on the front and sleeve pieces and finishing the insides with bias binding, I just overlooked instead for speed and ease. I did add a little thread chain to the front of the pockets to keep them from falling down, something I do with every jacket since seeing it in the instruction for my Robson Coat.

Kristina’s Style - V1493 Kimono top

I used a thin white cotton jeans for my facings (sleeves and the front), I didn’t quite have enough fabric for that and really, who will see it… (again Marcie is so right).

Kristina’s Style - V1493 Kimono top

Here’s a close-up of the sleeve, as Marci mentioned, I just added some seam allowance and another 2-2.5cm to the outer sleeve, so it would curl around to the inside a bit.

Kristina’s Style - V1493 Kimono top

The only interesting thing with this fabric was that is does not press well. It holds a pressing for a little bit and then it softens again, hence my sleeves and front facing are not crisply pressed, but appear more softly rolled, which is quite nice for this style. (The marbleing in the photo below is not on the fabric, it’s the twill texture creating an effect with the camera… can’t quite describe it or say why…)

Kristina’s Style - V1493 Kimono top

Kristina’s Style - V1493 Kimono top

Worn for these photos with my hot off the sewing machine Legends top by Sew Straight and Gather, also an amazing pattern that I cannot wait to make again, once out of merino with long sleeves and also slightly larger maybe next time 😉

Kristina’s Style - V1493 Kimono top

I had initially contemplated adding black trim to the front (see below), but decided to leave it off in the end. Thanks to the ladies of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network for helping with the decision.

Kristina’s Style V1493Kristina’s Style V1493

I’ve had so many compliments on both the cut and the fabric and I cannot wait to make another one, out of some simpler fabric, so that you can see the sleeve detail more clearly. Yes, I love it, utter success! More to come, maybe one for my mum too…

Here’s another close-up of the fabric, you can see the texture of it.

Kristina’s Style - V1493 Kimono top

What fabric to use next…. hmmm…. 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!


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