A shirt this time around :) Le 604

In the run-up to Christmas I decided to sew something I knew probably wasn’t going to be super easy, but I was determined… amongst the Christmas present creation (more on that in a bit). I bought this pattern, the Le604 shirt from DP Studio patterns a few months (or was it weeks?) ago, and this one was number two of the lot I bought that I decided to make after finding the perfect fabric from Miss Maude Sewing when I was in Greytown in late November. (Yes, I visited Emma in person and got a whole lot of really amazing fabric – Christmas present for myself and one bit for my mum).

Kristina’s Style Le 604 Shirt

Le 604 is described as a full, long shirt with pleats and gathers. The shirt front features a set of small knife pleats sewn in place and also gathered frills on the shoulders that lend structure to the model. I love that little collar feature, which is described as a collar stand brought to life by a sweet an subtle little collar. I was tempted by that collar, those amazing cuffs, by the challenge of the knife pleats and the little frills as well, although I wasn’t quite sure they were ‘me’.

Kristina’s Style Le 604 Shirt

The fabric is a gorgeous cotton batiste in one of my favourite colours (in German we’d call this old rose) with little white and gold flecks. It was a dream to work with. And as luck may have it, I had exactly the right number of white and 5 golden buttons (of the same kind) in my stash. So the cuffs are adorned by two colours…

I made a size 40 (well, a tiny bit bigger than that, closer to the 40 line than the 42…) and made no changes at all to the pattern. The fit is spot on I think. The only other thing I did differently was sew the cool rounded yoke using the burrito method.

Kristina’s Style Le 604 Shirt

I think this was the first time making little pin tucks/knife pleats for me and I have to admit I won’t make them again in a hurry. Once you get into the groove it is not all that hard, but fiddly and you definitely need to be precise. I wasn’t quite perfect, but nevertheless I am quite proud of these. It’s just the sewist that’s being picky, your average person wouldn’t notice it, I think.

Kristina’s Style Le 604 Shirt

As with the previous DB Studio pattern, the instructions are ok, but somewhat sparse and sometimes not quite clear. Maybe a translation thing? It’s been working ok for me so far though, I’ve sewn enough and learned sewing using Burda patterns… but someone newer at sewing may struggle a bit.

This has got to be the teeniest tiniest vent binding I’ve ever made… My machine didn’t handle the little triangle at the top at all, it made one or two stitches, then got itself in a tizzy. But it worked out in the end. Also, this is not the pattern to use if you’ve never sewn a shirt or a vent before, the instructions on how to make the vent say “Create the vent at the end of the sleeves with a finished/bound edge.” Luckily I’ve got a few shirts under my belt and know how to do a vent, and then there is always google…

I wasn’t totally sure initially on how to attach the sleeves to the shoulder… essentially adding the frill at the shoulder will fix the sleeve to the bodice at the shoulder. I tried to take a photo, you sew the sleeve to the bodice up to where the extra bit sticks out at the sleeve, then snip to the seam line and gather that extension to match the sleeve and pull it to the outside of the bodice, place the frill on top of the sleeve extension and sew it all together catching the bodice at the bottom. It is actually really hard to explain… I took a few photos during construction, maybe that’ll help someone else…Kristina’s Style Le 604 ShirtKristina’s Style Le 604 Shirt

View from the inside.

Kristina’s Style Le 604 Shirt

And from the outside.

Kristina’s Style Le 604 Shirt

And then you just place the frill over the top of this and sew down the middle of the frill from the outside.

I do like the frills, but they are not the most fun to make, safe to say I will not make a frilly dress for my niece (or nephew) any time soon 😉

Kristina’s Style Le 604 Shirt

Excuse the wrinkles, this was taken at the end of the second time of wearing this…

Kristina’s Style Le 604 ShirtKristina’s Style Le 604 Shirt

In the two weeks I’ve had this shirt, I’ve worn it twice already (without the little extra collar frill, but I will try that at some point too, in fact I may use that without the shirt, instead of jewellery), and I’ve felt really comfortable and well-dressed in it. Very happy I made this and not just because of the compliments I have gotten on it. I really like it and maybe at some point I may make another one in white…

Merry Christmas!


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