Jumpsuit number two – Jax

And Ralph Pink pattern number two… I’ve got one more pattern cut out and not made yet, but hopefully soon. I do love his patterns 🙂

Kristina’s Style Jux Jumpsuit

Right, back to the Jax Jumpsuit, it is a wide-legged jumpsuit with deep v-front and optional belt. It’s sleeveless, with a back yoke and has an asymmetric button placket, which is one of the things that attracted me to this pattern. I also really liked what the pattern describes as the minimalistic contemporary style aesthetics, which influenced my initial selection for fabric.

The fabric is the same grey wool I made the Kathryn Brenne Dress out of, a really lovely and slinky wool, with the perfect drape for something like this. I got it at the Fabric Warehouse, specifically for this.

Kristina’s Style Jux Jumpsuit

I made a size 10 and did not make any changes at all. After measuring the shoulder to crotch length and deeming it long enough for me, I figured the fit was relaxed enough that I didn’t need to make a toile.

I’m 174cm tall and this is the original length of the pattern, and even I can only wear this with high heels (which definitely makes this look even more amazing I think), so if you are a bit shorter, have a look at the length.

Kristina’s Style Jux Jumpsuit

The instructions were fairly short, but understandable enough for someone with a bit of sewing experience.

The fly was interesting, the model on the cover has the buttons on the outside, but if you follow the instructions they are covered. Either looks nice, but I may put them on the outside next time – I think there will be a next time, this is lovely. So nice to wear, just the right mix of elegant and relaxed, and oh so comfy. Maybe out of linen for summer? Not sure yet.

Kristina’s Style Jux Jumpsuit

After several garments now that needed to be cut flat (not on the fold), with large pieces and very different rights and lefts, I’m looking forward to some simple cutting now, something that fits on my mat…

Kristina’s Style Jux Jumpsuit

My other half really likes this jumpsuit (much better than the other one I made, crickey I just realised that I never blogged that one) and I when I was wearing it out for the first time, we spontaneously decided to take these photos at the winery we were eating dinner at (Tirohana Estate in Martinborough), just before the dinner arrived.


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