Lola dress for the end of winter…

At the last Victory Patterns sale, I got a few patterns I’d been eyeing up for a while… And the Lola dress was one of them.

I made a size 8, typical for me for Victory Patterns, which I think is just the right size, not too wide, not too tight… I bought this fabric, a blue French terry from the Fabric Warehouse specifically for this pattern. It’s not especially stretchy, quite stable in fact, but worked well for this.

When I was planning this dress, I was thinking of making something to wear at home instead of my big Burda Style poncho (which my other half is not so super keen on and does feel a bit tenty), this looked nice and comfy. But… I like the fit and look of it so much that I’ve only worn it to work instead of at home 🙂 I am a bit worried of stretching it out when I wear it at home all the time, so until I am over it as a work option I won’t wear it at home… So now I guess I am hunting for another at home dress that looks nice and is comfy for at home, any suggestions, let me know. Or of course I could make this again. It’s starting to get warmer now anyway, so this maybe a bit too thick. Actually, I love this dress, so I will definitely make it again! I think there is a black/blue ponte with a slight snakeskin pattern in my stash… hmmm

Back to the construction. I love the lines of this dress, higher in the front and dipping down in the back, with those lovely deep pockets and hemband. Instructions were not a problem and the construction overall super quick, just the overlocker involved and a bit of sewing with the normal machine on the pockets and neckband/neck detail (the triangle). That triangle was actually the hardest bit, it distorted when I overlocked it. Luckily I accidentally cut two, so I had two choices to affix to the top (it is actually just sewn on top of the bodice).

 I only made one change, that was to add a dart on the top of each shoulder. The neckline was so wide and sticking up for me that I decided to add a dart, I just pinched out a dart exactly over the shoulder and sewed it up, and then cut the neckband to size. Easy and the fit is very nice I think.

The photos are a few weeks old, by now it is getting a bit warmer, yippee, I can finally wear some of the unseasonal things I’ve been sewing in winter 😉 Apologies, the blue is so dark that it’s quite hard to see the lines of the dress…

Till next time…

Excuse my pink socks, it’s not quite spring…


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