My holiday wardrobe…

When it’s cold and miserable out and work is busy, you need something to look forward to, which is why we booked 10 days Fiji a few months ago. And that was all we did, just booked flights and accommodation. On purpose. This was meant to be and was a “just do nothing and relax holiday”. Sooo nice. While I like discovering new places, every now and then a do-nothing holiday is just what you need, perfect. 

I’ve never been to a resort before and was very hesitant to go, my dad always said he didn’t want to be told when to go to the toilet 😉 (he used slightly different words), but if I am honest it was not bad. You could easily avoid the family activities if you wanted to (yeay for the adult only pools), the food was superb (especially at the first place) and the scenery and drinks wonderful. So if you want to do not much at all, just relax, maybe swim a bit, golf, do a few workouts, then a decent resort is not too bad.

Back to sewing and my holiday wardrobe.

So a few weeks ago, while sewing for Indie Pattern Month, I was also thinking about what to make for my holiday. I knew I needed a new bathing suit or bikini, maybe some shorts… I made 4 things, so this was going to be my post for the Monthly Stich birthday, and while I wrote everything on holiday, I didn’t get the photos taken in time… oh well. I thought of all of you. Luckily we had once nice day a weekend ago and I noticed that our hall in the morning actually makes a nice backdrop (better than the kitchen cabinet 😉 ). So here lots of photos and a loooong post to catch up on some of the sewing from the last few months. For some reason most with funny faces…

Make number one – the one that started it….

During a sale not too long ago, I came across the Roxanne Top by Victory Patterns. Even though I’d seen it on the website before, I hadn’t really looked at it, until I saw Nette’s version online and I just had to have it. Her version is utterly stunning I think, the perfect fabric!! I really like the collar if this top, it makes this into something special. So that’s where everything started. For the first time in quite a while I went to the fabric store, The Fabric Warehouse to be exact and bought this lovely woven rayon, slightly retro in style, wonderfully slinky and drapey, which would turn out to be perfect for this top. 

The top comes with two variations, one with a drawstring and sleeves, the other sleeveless and this gorgeous little collar. Of course I had to make that version! It’s really neat, not something for thick fabric though. I’ve never been much of a fan of collars without a collar stand, in fact I think it sewed my first one only a few years ago. I always feel like the facing inside will pop out. Here, because the collar gets quite heavy from the pleats, I decided to stitch down the facing a bit on the front (under the collar), so the facing would stay in place.

I made a size 8, which is my “usual” for Victory Patterns (if you can call it usual after making two different patterns). It fits very nicely. It’s fitted across the top (shoulders and upper bust) and then very loose at the waist and hips – probably why I initially hesitated to buy this, but what better style for a hot summer? 

I made no changes to the pattern at all and the instructions were very easy to follow, even the collar, which I couldn’t really tell from the photos and drawing how it would work. The fabric was perfect for this pattern, although nicely slippery to sew 😉 so a good challenge from that perspective. But the drape, isn’t that gorgeous for this?

And I am so lucky that the width of the hearts is exactly the width of the pleats in the back. Pure luck or meant to be 😉 Let’s go with meant to be. Doesn’t it look perfect/match perfectly?

I really like this pattern, and have already earmarked another fabric for another version, again the same one.

Make number two

My shorts stash is very colourful and nothing really fit this lovely top. So clearly, I needed to put a new pair of shorts on my sewing list. I made the Movies in the Park shorts by Dixie DIY for my last summer holiday to Thailand and really liked them, so I thought I’d make them again. For this version, I used a thin but still fairly stiff jeans fabric I had in my stash, white on one side and off-white on the other. It’ll need a few more rounds in the washing machine before it gets properly soft I think. And luckily I had enough white bias binding in my stash too to get them finished, along with just enough wooden buttons. 

I made a size M, same as last time, but took them in a bit, as last time they were quite wide. I also made these about 5cm longer, just below the crotch line. I wanted shorts I could wear at home in town as well, i.e. not too short. The other change I made was to add only three buttons on each side instead of 6 (or 7-8 to make up for the added length). I just sewed the remainder of the seam shut in the ditch of the bias binding. I didn’t have enough buttons and kind of like that look any way.

I like this pattern, the curve of the waistband is just right for me, the pockets are nice and deep and I like the sporty, but not too sporty look. They fit nicely, but there is a bit too much fabric in the front. The last version I made was better. I recon the back crotch curve could be a bit longer to bring the inseam forward a bit more. But I still like them, very comfy.

Make number three

I’ve owned and wanted to make the Tea House Dress by Sew House Seven for a while. I even had some green linen ready, all washed. But somehow I never got around to it. I also thought I didn’t have anything that would go with the green properly. Anyway, I thought it would be perfect for this holiday. And I found the perfect fabric for it at the Fabric Warehouse. A beautiful blue and white rayon. It is a bit sad that you can’t see the lines of the dress because of the pattern, but that just means I have to make another one in a solid fabric 😉 right? I really want to make this out of a nice slinky black or dark blue fabric and maybe take a bit more length off for a somewhat casual evening dress / LBD. It’d be perfect I think.

Anyway, I loooove this pattern. I made the knee length version in a size 8 and made no other changes apart from cutting the tie for the largest size (I like my tied long). I did think initially that I would maybe not roll up the sleeves, but in the end decided to tack them up anyway. They droop a little bit because of the drape fabric, but it’s ok.

Are those pockets not awesome? 

And one photo in full holiday mode with my white straw hat (even though it looks yellow here).

Construction was fairly easy, the instructions are really well done with good illustrations of the more complicated bits. 

Looking forward to the next one. I really loved wearing this on holiday and I cant wait for our weather to be better, so I can wear it here…

Make number four

I needed a Bikini for this holiday and about two weekends before this one, we went to Melbourne, so of course I had to drop in Tessuti (one of the restaurants we like is essentially next door and my other half is very supportive…). I found this lovely white, black, grey and yellow swimsuit fabric and swimsuit lining, which is really hard to get in Wellington, in fact, I’ve never seen it here. So I got half a meter of the swimsuit fabric and a meter of the lining. 

I had seen this lovely bikini top on instagram by a French company who do sewing classes. I didn’t think I could take a sewing class in French just to get a hold of the patter for the top, so I decided to just give it a try myself. I tool a top that I really like, that firs me well, traced that, and extended the front into a tie. 

A few years ago I ordered some workout fabric online from Fabric Remnant and that turned out total crap, but useful for making  muslins… I made a grand total of three before I cut into my lovely fabric. It’s not perfect, but not bad either, I wore it gladly and felt good in it.

The bottoms are Madalynne’s Noelle Panty. I made a quick toile out of a cotton jersey – I will finish that as a panty, it’s such a nice pattern – an then cut into the fabric. Thanks to a number of online sew alongs for other bathingsuit pattern, I was able to figure out how to sew this up….

I am a bit shy taking photos in a bikini, so only a few here, ;). 

All in all, not bad for my first tome of making a swimsuit. I will definitely make another one, already have the patterns for pirates pattern printed and ready…

Make number four and a half

And one half make – I just finished it for this holiday, it’s been sitting there half finished for many months. This is the Bailen Top bu Pauline Alice, a very nice little free top and slip dress pattern. I made this before for my last holiday and had this bit of mustard coloured silk left that works well with black, so I thought I’d make a cami to wear under a suit jacket, just never got it finished. 

I was so happy to notice that the silk matches my favourite me-made shorts perfectly, that was all I needed to finally finish it. I believe it’s a size 40 and this time around I made a few changes. I changed the length of the darts (made them longer), added two small darts at the back as well and made it longer by just under 10cm (from the top length).

When I was trying it on in a more raw state, I used these bits of left over black and white striped jersey that were hanging around my sewing space, just to check the length. Ended up liking it so much that I actually attached them 😉 And I love my bias tape maker!!! So worth it having one, life is so much easier now.

(Unpacking and taking photos just as we got home, I noticed I left two pins in two different garments… not something I do very often 😉 ). During this relaxing holiday I’ve caught up on a lot of sewing blog reading, added about 6 garments to my sewing list and bought 4 patterns… dangerous 😉

Till next time.

P.S.: Totally random. I just updated my iPad to the new operating system and just found out that you can annotate PDFs in the new Files app. It’s got me all excited, now I can annotate the instructions for next time if I make any changes or added/left out a step. Right, geek moment over 😉 back to watching the elections here in NZ…


2 thoughts on “My holiday wardrobe…

  1. Such a stunning holiday wardrobe! I especially like your Victory Patterns blouse and Tea House dress. I’m trying to decide on some patterns for a trip to Florida in November, I usually end up dithering so long that I only get one or two things made.

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