Kathryn Brenne dress by Vogue

You know those patterns you put on your wish list somewhere because they are interesting, there is something about them, but you’re just not sure if they are for you, if the interesting thing will actually look good… That was me with this Kathryn Brenne dress, Vogue V9186. Until…… I saw Shauni S’s version. I went online right away and bought what was on my wish list. I love Shauni’s style. And Eli’s versions are awesome as well! 

This is described by Vogue as a very loose fitting pullover dress with a collar (like Shauni, I love these little standing collars), partially elasticated waist, and an asymmetric, shaped hemline. There’s an option without sleeves, i.e. cut-on cap sleeves and one with long sleeves with traditional button cuffs.

I decided to go for the long-sleeved version, it’s winter after all, well, almost. And yes, this is very loose fitting. I made a size M and probably could have easily made and S. I struggled to find enough space in our little house to lay out the fabric, so that I could cut this single layered, but managed to squeeze it between the desk and bookshelves. 

I bought a charcoal coloured wool blend at the last Fabric Warehouse sale, quite a bit of it, which was perfect for this dress. The inside of the fabric shows at the hem and this fabric is darker charcoal on one side and lighter on the other, perfect to be publicly displayed. And it’s got a very lovely drape, also not unimportant for this. 

The instructions were more or less easy to follow, the only time I didn’t follow them was for the pockets, I just set them in like I usually do, in one step, down the sideseam from the top, around the pocket and down to the hem. I did take in the sleeves a little bit at the cuff – having skinny wrists and all – but could have done so even more. It didn’t take long to finish, the equivalent of about a day over a weekend.

I did have four buttons of the same kind, but wanted to add a little something different, so I decided to give this pink lonely only a chance to shine 😉

It is a really cool dress I think and I am looking forward to wearing it next week. After taking the initial photos (I cut out our cluttered fridge, hence the skinny photos… it’s been raining a lot and it’s dark now by 5, so not much chance of nice daytime photos, and strangely enough not a lot of wind in this Windy City lately, I would have loved to have similarly wind-swept photos like Shauni has…), I wanted to see what else I could wear this with… enter short cowboy boots and my favourite long brown boots. Tick and tick.

I love those darts at the upper back, the shaped shirt-style hemline and the asymmetric elastic waistline is just so cool. It’s a comfortable dress, perfect when you’re feeling a bit blaeh, that makes you look awesome and super stylish at the same time (in my humble opinion).

Maybe more to come.
P.S.: I had some issues with photos, some would just not resize without going fuzzy…


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