Me Made May 2017

Just squeezing in a quick one before May starts. I enjoyed Me Made May last year, it was my first one and I’ve decided to join in again. It does help get out those pieces that I would otherwise maybe not wear all that much. It helps identify holes in my closet, i.e. Me-made holes. It is just fun, to see what other wear and make, to see what I can combine that I may not have combined with a larger pool of clothes. It also helps to identify what can finally go.

Do this time around, my pledge is not much different to last year, I’m still missing enough bottoms, otherwise I would pledge to wear two pieces every day, but I just don’t have enough. I hope that this will encourage me to prioritise my trouser sewing…

Here my pledge:

“I, Kristina (, @kristinasstyle), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item of clothing – not counting outerwear – and one me-made item of jewellery each day for the duration of May 2017.”

Not that I have made. a lot of jewellery lately, but with winter approaching I want to get back into that. Planning a little collection to make now, which is really really hard, there’s soooo much awesome inspiration out there.  So I’m hoping to use this month too as a way to identify what jewellery works best for me, what I am missing, what I love and need more of.

And so that this is not just text, here a quick preview of the photos I took last week of some of the clothes I recently made and hope to finish writing about… The Orageuse Riga Coat and Copenhague jumpsuit peaking out the bottom.


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