Jimmy one done, two almost done – Winter can come…

It’s been so so long… I have to admit, sewing has taken precedence over blogging. I think I mentioned that I have so many half written posts ready and no photos to go with them… I hope I remember the other halfs of those posts. 

Aaaanyway…. I’ve just made up a sweater – in about an hour and a half all up – that has inspired me to take photos immediately – despite the drizzle outside – and post about it…

This is Ready to Sew’s Jimmy Sweater. It’s a really nice raglan sleeved sweater with two variations, a hemmed one (this one) and a more A-line version without a hem band (cut up and almost ready). 

I’ve only just discovered this lovely French Indy pattern company. I bought the Jimmy and the Jolene shirt dress on Wednesday, printed this one on Thursday and got and cut the fabric and just now (Saturday morning) finished it in now time. This is my first pattern from Ready to Sew. There’s something about these patterns that excites me, little details… like those tucks. Can’t wait to find a space in my sewing queue for the dress (and the right fabric in my no longer documented stash – that’s another story, a somewhat sad one). 

I loooove, looove, looove those tucks, sooo pretty, they give this sweater something special, even in this relatively ordinary fleece backed sweatshirting. This is strong competition for my beloved Named Talvikki Sweater πŸ˜‰

I got this Merino fleece backed sweat shirting at the Fabric Store; it has imperfections, ALL over… I did get it for cheaper, but since it is nice Merino also not that cheap for having these spots that looked like bleach spots all over. It was a nightmare to fit all the pattern pieces on. I got 1.70m and have only really odd bits and pieces left. I’ve never made such inefficient use of fabric before in my life, it mentally hurts a little bit… But I did think too that if this turns out a bit soso, I could always wear this at home. I would say, this pattern is a good stash buster, you really don’t need much fabric.

I made a size 40, going by the sizing table, and made no changes apart from adding a little bit of sleeve length (a typical thing for me) and narrow the bottom of the sleeve and cuff by about 1.5cm. I have very skinny wrists and hate it when wind gets in my sleeves… Looking at these images now, I think the next version (that is not already cut out) could be a size smaller. 


Although I like the bum covered look with tight trousers, and it’s nice and warm.

The sweater was super fast and easy make, like I said, about an hour and a half. The single hardest thing was the top of the godet under the overlocker, but I took it slow, with the godet side up and it all came out right. This is version 2 by the way.

The instructions are good, a little sparse, so maybe not the best if this is your first knit project. For someone who’s done quite a few before, not a problem at all. I really like the links in the PDF to videos on e.g. How to do a neckline for knits… Nice touch.

The pattern was easy to print and put together. There’re two options for printing, one where you don’t have to cut the edges, the other where you cut the edges – I like it – and the drawing of how to put together the pieces of paper was also really good, you could see exactly what you needed to print for each of the two versions (I printed it all because I know I would make both right away). The notches and drafting is spot on in my mind.

The fabric needed quite a bit of ironing throughout as it stretched, despite using a walking foot for the none-overlocked stitching, but with a bit of steam it all came back immediately.

The other version is cut out and basically sewn up, but I will get to the dress I’ve had on my list for today first…

The next version I make of this will probably get longer cuffs, I like nice and big cuffs… I definitely will make more of these, the detail is just wonderful. πŸ™‚

Sewing happiness!

Hopefully more soon. πŸ˜‰

P.S.: Not sure what’s with the super serious facial expression in these photos… I’m stocked! I’m planning to wear it out tonight πŸ™‚


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