Sewing instead of blogging…

Sooo, it’s been ages. I’ve seen sewing up a storm (more or less), and even written a lot of half finished blog posts, but have just not had a chance to get some proper photos done and finish those posts.

I thought in the meantime I’ll just post some of my Instagram photos in the hope that that will encourage me to take out the tripod and actually take some good photos 😉

Starting with this past weekend… two skirts from the alteration pile have finally been changed 🙂 going back into rotation now after at least 2.5 years (more like 3.5).

An experiment, Talvikki made out of stretchy silk… not bad…

Another Burda top, 108 11/16. Worn several times already since making it about a month ago. I’m looking forward to wearing it over a white shirt.

Sneak preview of a costume I am working on.

One more Burda magazine top, 101 from January 2016, made from a piece of Merino sweatshirting from my stash. Comfy, cosy for home 🙂

Another make with German fabric, the Sew this Pattern Birdie Bomber Jacket. A very quick make that wears beautifully.

In addition to buying a lot of fabric, I also copied a lot of Patterns from her Burda Magazines and this one was the first one, 104 10/2016 version that I wanted to make right away. Sooo nice!!!! And I used a long term resident of my stash matched with this lovely Liberty.

I bought a bit of Fabric in Germany, so I started the year off with three versions of Sewaholic’s Renfrew… One long-sleeve with a boat neck, and two short sleeves one with hem band the other without.

And here the late 2016 makes, this one the Pauline Alice Bailen top (taken in South Africa), here paired with the Muse Patterns Philippa skirt.

Especially for the South African part of the holiday Rachel Comey’s top from Vogue V1507. 🙂 

Here the top in action (also in South Africa)

A very bad selfy of me in the Deer and Doe Cardamome Dress. That was about the only mirror in the rental…

My beloved Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak, specially made for this holiday (and just finished in time). 

This is Named Clothing Talvikki number two, I do love this pattern. Many more to come I think (in fact I bought more fabric for a white one today).

Work in progress photos of the Kelly Anorak, with lovely Liberty interlining for a bit of added warmth. It really is a gorgeous pattern. And I will aim to get the post finished soon and proper photos taken.

A snapshot of some of the things I made specifically for the big South Africa/Germany holiday over the Christmas break. The white/biegt stripe is my good old Burda Style wrap dress pattern, made so many times over 10 years that I don’t quite remember what magazine it was from. This is my flight dress, jersey, super comfy, but still good looking enough to maybe get me upgraded (didn’t happen this time, but it has before in another version of this 😉 ).

A pair of Burda Style shorts. This is my second version of these, the old ones have pretty ich fallen apart from wear.

Adventures in sewing leather… a short leather skirt for my partner’s first concert as part of a band… 🙂 The pattern… hmm, I think it’s an old Burda modified many times. I don’t quite remember. 

This is a very successful attempt to replace my sleep shorts, made from an old jersey bed sheet. I looove them, wearing them all the time, super comfy and cut 🙂 This is the free Colette Patterns Madeleine Bloomers.

This was my first Talvikki, made out of a scrap of black ponte, not enough for long sleeves, but I like this so much better with the slightly shorter sleeves.

The Named Clothing Sointu Kimono Tee. I like that collection, more pieces to come 🙂

Simple Burda Style skirt thrown together out of a short piece of remnant bought at the Fabric Store at some point.

Two version (done in one week) of the Republique du Chiffon Michelle Jacket. Loooove!!!

Victory Pattern’s Hannah dress.

And there were a few more pieces since my last post, but this will be it for today, I will document these in more detail before I completely forget what I did and make the same mistakes twice …

Till then…


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