Cool little app – Cora

I saw this app pop up on Marcy’s blog (Oonaballoona) and decided to try it out as I haven’t really found my ultimate solution for keeping track of my fabric stash yet. It’s called Cora – Sew your stash.

Over the last Christmas break I built a wall of shelves in the spare bed room on the wall above the bed. That was really the only wall we had free in the hour. For Christmas, my mom kindly made me some construction plans and gave me some cash for materials. And then I spend a good week paining wooden boards, cutting them to size and screwing the whole thing to the wall in a way that would hold vast quantities of fabric and survive earthquakes, etc. I found these lovely cardboard boxes, that seemed to work perfectly (one box is completely empty, and two are about half full and I have two more boxes not put together, but since that would disturb the symmetry I won’t allow those to be needed). (Apropos symmetry, it took this photo for me to notice that the covers had a different motive on each side and one side matches up with the pattern on the box, so now they are of course all placed the right way around, like the ones in the top row – slight pattern matching OCD here).

Anyway, when I moved my stash into the boxes, numbered 1-9, I took photos – not individual photos, but of a whole group of fabric pieces together. I was quite tired and couldn’t be bothered to do it right. I then put those photos in Evernote, each box got it’s onwn note. Box 1, cottons, with photos and some small descriptions of some of the things in it (I have to admit it’s mostly the newer things that are decribed). Box 2, silk, photos, etc… In general that works well, but you can’t just scroll through and see what is there overall, you have to go into and between the different notes. So not ideal.

Next up I tried Trello, which I love in general, for work and to keep track of my random sewing ideas, plans, what fabric I want to buy for a specific pattern, what pattern needs to be prepared, what is in sewing and what needs blogging (this is list huge at the moment). Trello works quite well because you can easily scroll sideways and up and down to see all the different things you have, and it is nicely image based. But… I am someone who gets lazy easily, so if I don’t quite remember what details I was supposed to add, or in what order, or I simply get too lazy to enter them, then all there is is a photo with nothing else…

Enter Cora. Image based, easy to see what you have, with a form type entry UI that guides you in answering some basic questions about the fabric. You are not required to fill those out, but having the guidance will make things a lot easier, especially for lazy people like me. I also really like that you can select whether fabric has been washed already or not. I can never remember and haven’t gotten organised enough yet to just wash everything as soon as I get home from the shop. There’s hope for me đŸ˜‰

Here’s some screenshots. One version of the home screen:

Here’s another (the only tiny niggle I have is when you take a portrait photo with too much space at the top, you don’t see much of the fabric, see bottom right square, but I guess it’s a just a thing of learning how to take the best possible photos)

You can sort by a whole range of options:

This is what the I put screen looks like:

And further scrolled down:

It’s a cool little app, you get 5 for free then it costs a bit, but it’s not expensive and worth it I think. Now I just need a solution to get some order into my patterns…

And so far, I am loving it. As you can see I don’t have a lot in it yet, but I am very tempted to spend the next horrid weather weekend in that spare bedroom unpacking an repacking all those boxes and documenting as I go along. Maybe give Cora – Sew your stash a go.

P.S.: I have nothing to do with the makers of the app, I just saw it, decided to try it and like it, hence my quick review here.

See ya…

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