Michelle Jacket times two

My only excuse is… Too much sewing… No time for blogging…. 😉

As part of the Independent Pattern Month I won a pattern from Republique du Chiffon. I haven’t had one of their patterns before, but had been eying up the Michelle Blazer. There’s quite a few neat versions out there and I’ve been wanting a somewhat casual blazer for a while. 

I was very excited when it arrived and proceeded to copy the pattern, on my “behated” tissue paper (I don’t like cutting out tissue paper, even with new scissors it seems to slip and slide). I decided to copy this to tissue paper because I didn’t want to make a muslin, but wanted to make sure it was really long enough and wide, but not too wide in the size 38. So I pinned the tissue paper together and put it on (half of me). Even though the pattern is designed for someone of 165cm height and I am 174cm I decided to just leave the length as is. Everything looked just fine, apart from the usual sleeve length. So I lengthened the sleeves by 6cm.

(It took a while to get a nice day to take photos, seems like I don’t quite know how to deal with sunshine anymore, hence the strange facial expression 😉 )

I wanted to make a wearable muslin to see how it would look on me before I cut into my wool. (I have since decided to use another fabric instead of the wool, but more on that later). I found a very old burgundy/maroon velvet in my stash, no idea where I bough it or how long it’s been there, at least 6 years I think, along with some really nice blue lining, also very old. The velvet is very slinky and drapey, so may contain some rayon/viscose, but I’m not sure. I am not a big fan of poly lining anymore, just don’t like poly on my skin, but I thought if I stuff this up or it comes out not for me, then this won’t be a big loss. I do love the colour though!!! 

I didn’t have a whole lot of fabric and even the best pattern Tetris was not going to get it all on, I decided to divide the back pieces into one back yoke and two smaller back pieces. That and some Tetris worked well, and I think it looks nice. 

The images/description in the booklet and the sew along (only in French) on the website describe the installation of the lining at the hem/front a bit different. I kind of made up my own version based on these two and what I remember from the Morris blazer. 

Added a few little details… 

For the second version started later in the week, I decided to add the little pocket. I made the big pockets 2cm smaller on two sides and lengthened the sleeves only 4cm. This time I also interfaced the front part (about half way) and hem facings, similar to the Morris Blazer. 

The second one (made during the same week, my week off between jobs) is made of a dark blue cotton, lined with a bit of white rayon I had lying around. Both of unremembered origin, having taken up long-time residence in my fabric stash… I liked the “French” look and topstitched in White.

The back on this one is as intended by the pattern.

I likes the selvage and decided to hem the sleeves with them…

Love the textures of these two fabrics…

Both of these were quick sews, fun sews and I’ve worn them quite a lot already. 🙂

Double success.

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