Bowline sweater 

Finally getting around to blogging about a few other things I’ve sewn in the last few months. Some came out good, like this one, others are still sitting there waiting to be fixed in some way or put away as a learning experience…

But for now, this is the Bowline Sweater by Papercut Patterns. I’ve been having my eye on it since I saw Fiona’s (Diary of a Chainstitcher) awesome version, and when I saw this blue and green cotton knit remnant at the Fabric Store, I immediately went and got the PDF pattern. The fabric is quite thin and drapey, which is nice for this sweater, it’s really more of a summer fabric than a winter one. I’ve got one more bit of merino sweat shirting sitting in my stash, so I may make another one from that… I loooove the stripes though and blue and green together is awesome I think. (And look, I even have matching earrings 😉 ) 

I made a size S and the only adjustment I made as to lengthen the sleeves by 2 cm. Yes, those monkey arms again…

This was the photo I posted in Instagram as soon as I got it done and wore (the next day, or was it the same day?). I really like it, it looks interesting, cool, different and is very comfy. The fit is great too, the one thing that happens for me quite a bit is that the front creases above the breast on the side without the twist and actually that side as well (you can see is a bit in the photo below and quite a lot in the second photo from the top). My mom was saying that maybe the arm scye is not deep enough for me, maybe I need to take that a bit lower. I can live with it on this one, but for the next one I may sit down and see how to get that changed… I’ve yet to start Suzie Furrer’s sleeve class on Craftsy, it’s been in my queue for a while, but haven’t found the time yet. Sleeves are still one of those things that scare me a bit to change…

Construction was easier to follow than I first thought. The only thing I struggled with was at the twist stage, in the images it didn’t look like you were meant to have a triangle at the top (see photos below – and yes, I was sewing early in the morning in my bathrobe) when you create the pleat for the twist, but try as I might, that’s what I had… I may have done something completely wrong there, but lucky me it still came out looking and fitting ok. And somehow the whole thing ended up mirror imaged. Next time I will pay more attention to which side goes up on my fabric and pattern pieces… 

There will definitely be a next time!

See ya…

3 thoughts on “Bowline sweater 

  1. What a great colour combo! It looks to me like you could try a full bust adjustment to get rid of the above the bust wrinkles, then you won’t have to worry about the sleeves!


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