Me Made May week three

Week three of Me Made May 2016, I’m still loving it and still finding it somewhat easy to get outfits together. Although the recent cold snap we’ve had is showing me that I definitely need more cardigans/jackets and trousers!!! I’ve got one muslin sitting here waiting to be decided on, with the fabric ready to go and another fabric ready to cut out (I think using the Marcy Tilton Slim pants again… Although the I did buy a Palmer/Pletch pattern for slim trousers, I am still undecided whether to just give that a try instead… We will see).

Anyway, back to May, here’re days 16 (r) and 17 (l)… I seem to loooove that apple green colour. Oh well. On the left is the still unblogged but many times worn Paola Turtleneck and on the right another Astoria.

Days 18 and 19 (I messed up the order, 18 is on the right this time and 19 on the left). On the right in my beloved rtw poncho which begs to be copied and the Marcy Tilton trousers. And on the left an old Burda wrap dress. I love this one, it’s my flight dress, super comfy while still looking good enough to be upgraded.

Day 20 (on the right) and day 21 (on the left). The weather was getting colder (at least on Friday – day 20), hence the new houndstooth merino Renfrew with Ginger jeans. And on the weekend (day 21 and 22) I didn’t get out of my Hudson pants. Soon comfy and warm. These are here partnered with the only garment Ibought in the last 18 months, a pink/beige leather jacket… I just couldn’t resist.

In lieu of another photo of the Hudson pants yesterday (day 22), I posted a picture of the dress I just finished yesterday… The Leotie Mididress by Named. I will write a full post on this one…

And this was today, day 23, another Astoria to help with the cold…

And a random picture of a quick make from the last weekend, merino leggings. I was looking at all the leggings I wear at home and thought why not make a pair? A pair that’s a bit warmer… Et voila, half an hour later I was trying them on. Winter can come now šŸ™‚

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