Me Made May 2016 week two

The second week of Me Made May has been just as great as the first one. I’ve picked up a few pieces from my wardrobe that have been there for ages and rarely been worn. Now I’m either going to wear them again or just make them into something else/put them away… 

This time from the earliest day to today….

Day 9 (on the right) – Sydney jacket, 

Day 10 (middle) – Bonnell dress and Wembley cardi, 

pretty much every evening (on the left) Hudson pants…

Day 11 (on the right) – merino Renfrew (my first ever and I still love this one to bits), 

Day 12 (middle) – a very old Burda skirt, I love that fabric, hence it is still hanging around, it was a lot longer initially and over the years I’ve shortened and tightened it to fit my style and size… 

Day 13 (on the left) – my first Ginger jeans (they were my muslin), not perfect, but I am wearing them more and more during this month. I think I’ve got it worked out now what I’m going to change for the next pair (the fabric is washed and sitting here ready to be cut – this time in the high-waist version or more medium waist).

Day 14 (on the right) – Dakota Shawl collar dress, the secret pyjamas… I just love the shape of the skirt, I’m still thinking about making a skirt using this…

Still day 14 (in the middle) – for dinner with friends in the evening, Muse Philippa skirt and the Paola turtleneck – I love this pattern, bought two more bits of merino for further versions… With even more of a sway back adjustment. I loooove turtlenecks, just the perfect thing for cold me…

Day 15 (on the left) – Ginger jeans again and a Burda cape I made ages ago. It’s been in my closet for forever and I haven’t worn it for a long time. In fact, I’ve been thinking about how to use the fabric for something else or how to change this so that I’d wear it more… Before that though I thought I should wear it again, and what better time than a movie with a good friend. Movie theatres are usually a bit chilly, so keeping this on was perfect. As far as I remember this was meant to be made out of a knit and I used a boiled wool, so it’s a bit tight around the neckline, not something to put on and take off all the time… Lovely quality wool though… I’m not totally sure whether I will keep it as it is or make it into something else…

Sewing wise, I’m working on a Named Leotie dress at the moment, the top is done, and I attached the skirt yesterday but didn’t like the gathered skirt, so I’ve taken that off again and am thinking about how to change the skirt, I.e whether to use darts or pleats… I’ll play with my Minna (aka the dress form) and will base a couple of options and see what I like. 

I’ve been doing a fair bit of selfless sewing for the other half during the last two weekends, one black merino long sleeved t-shirt (copy of a rtw) and a maroon merino sweater, which needs shortening (I overcompensated…), hence no photo yet…

Here’s the black one with a somewhat older pair of true bias Hudson pants (he loves those, my first ever men’s pants, I admit not that much of an achievement in knit). 

Closeup of the top, my brand new Wembley and a scarf I “made”, ie finished… I copied the covered back neckline from the rtw top, so that the overlooking doesn’t itch and the seam is stronger… Something o may try for some of my tops too…

Loki g forward to week three, I am really loving seeing everyone’s makes on Instagram, it’s amazing inspiration! 

So much fun!

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