My first Me Made May

My first Me Mada May. I was and still am really excited. I really like the little push of wearing some of those me-made clothes that for some reason or another are hanging more in the closet than being worn. And I love the challenge for wearing things I may not be sure about – and finding out they are actually ok (dress from day 6). I also love (lots of love here) looking at what others have made and are wearing in Instagram, I’ve come across quite a few new pattern makers I hadn’t heard about before, gotten some great inspirations and all in all just want to take a week off to just sew. 😉

It’s been really easy. I’ve confirmed already that I need some more me-made trousers, which I kind of knew, but too easily got side tracked by other pretty things. The weather is expected to get worst this/next week, lots of our customary gale force wind, which means skirts and dresses are out unless they are tight. More trousers will be required.

As promised, here a summary of my first week, starting with yesterday. 

More to come… Will aim to catch up on other blogging as well, another Paola turtleneck, a copy of a rtw merino top for the other half, two skirts, a Wembley cardi, a Burda sweater, and I think that maybe it… I may combine some of these as they’ve been made before…

Looking forward to the next week of Me Made May 2016.

Day 8: 

Day 7:

Day 6:

Day 5:

Day 4:

Day 3:

Day 2:

Day 1:

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