Turtleneck one – many more to come…

I loooooove turtlenecks.

I love turtlenecks. Always have, probably always will! Sadly, in recent years they have been really hard to find in stores and I’ve always been a bit hesitant to make one.

(Not sure what I saw to have that facial expression…)

When the new Paola Turtleneck by Named came out, I immediately grabbed it. I really like the Named packaging (this is my first printed pattern by them) and having the solid paper is quite nice. But, I HATE cutting tissue paper, hate it. I’d much rather use my tracing wheel and trace onto newsprint and cut that. Unfortunately the solid paper pattern is too thick to use the tracing wheel. I survived and luckily there’s only 4 pattern pieces to cut.

I had some black Merino knit from the Fabric Store in my stash, a little bit thicker than the suggested jersey, but I thought it would be ok anyway (and it was). I can’t quite remember what the exact composition was, but it has some elastane or lycra in it and has beautiful recovery. I recon you can make this out of a whole range of fabric, thickness wise, as long as it is stretchy enough…

Initially, I debated a bit about what size to make, I measured, checked the size and finished garment table and thought a size 40 would be best according to the table. I also measured the pattern pieces and based on that decided that a 38 would be better (that’s my usual size). Not sure what made me hesitate over the size… I even pinned the sides and shoulders together and tried it on before sewing it all up on my overlocker.

I made three small changes when cutting my fabric, all involved lengthening, the turtleneck piece by about 1cm, the sleeves by 2cm (definitely needed, they are now just long enough) and the body by 3cm. Even though I am short waisted, I thought it was a bit short, I like my winter tops to be a bit longer (maybe I’m getting old, but I like my kidneys/back covered properly 😉 ). And the next version will be even longer than this.

From copying the patterns to cutting to sewing it up, it tool me a whole grand total of 1.5 hours (which includes my thinking about sizes and pinning). A super fast make, that I’ve already worn 3 times in the 2 weeks I’ve had it. I’m very happy with this pattern, easy and quick, fits well. The turtleneck is not too tight, but also not too floppy.

Plans for further versions: YES, definitely

  • I will make a small sway back adjustment – the fabric is already sitting here, ready to be cut and I’ve marked my pattern piece
  • I will make the neck piece a little bit tighter at the top (so the pattern piece will look a bit more like an hourglass
  • I am thinking about making a version out of a thick wooly knit and will probably add a good 1.5-2cm ease
  • And as a variation, I also thought of adding long cuffs. I’ve got several store bought tops with long cuffs and like that as a feature.
  • Another variation I’d like to try is to do a split hem, maybe curved like a shirt or do a high low hem
  • More to come…

That day felt awesome, I was wearing me-made turtleneck, skirt, slip and jacket… 🙂 and all jewellery apart from the pearls. 


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