On the Sydney train

OMG, WordPress is telling me I started writing with post 34 days ago… Yikes… It’s been a busy month and this and several other pieces have been sitting here waiting to be photographed (while being taken off the pile again and again to be worn). Finally got around to taking some photos right after wearing this to work all day, hence the wrinkles…

Right, finally getting on to it. So, not the most original title, but it’s true, I have jumped on the Sydney Jacket train. It’s a really awesome pattern by Tessuti, and after seeing so many great examples I decided I really needed one too. And now it seems like jackets like that are in every shop… 

Listening to some of the blogs about the pattern, I made this is a size S, not something I would usually do, but it is the right size, I could maybe even go down a smidge more. It came together super quickly, joy of just sticking two pieces on top of each other… 


So I bought the pattern, printed, cut and taped it the same night and went to the Fabric Warehouse to look for some fabric that following weekend. With the help of a wonderful friend I selected this bright Granny Smith apple green, one of my feavourite colours. It is a wool/rayon mix, non fraying, but it does shed a few small hairs on black now and then, not too bad though. It’s not felted, even though it looks a bit like it. In fact the weave is just a little bit loose, which created some issues…

After the first time I wore it, I noticed a small hole at the shoulder, where the not so tightly woven fabric had stretched at the shoulder dart (for lack of a better expression). I hand stitched across it a few times and that seems to be ok now. The other shoulder has developed a small hole as well after the second/third wear, so I stitched that too.  

I love these pockets! The little stitching at the top to prevent them from collapsing… Genious…



 I really like this pattern. It’s the perfect additional layer for me, who is always cold in the office, it’s great when you are feeling a bit bigger and has so much potential for adding colour or toning down a crazy print. 

And did I mention? I absolutely love those pockets too! Ever so practical and they look awesome. 😉

A shorter version of this, more along the line of a cardigan is on my fabric buying list. Maybe in a cobalt blue, bright coral or neutral black of beige. White maybe nice too…

P.S. Nicely matched today with my copper spiral and copper ring with green stone I cannot remember what it is). The earrings are not me made – a birthday gift from my lovely other half, but they work nicely with this. 


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