Orange/ pink knit Dakota Shawl Dress

Because of my awesome day last weekend, these are now out of order… Pre-haircut…

Initially I was a little bit unsure about this pattern, would it look ok, would it fit ok, what to wear under it, how loose was it…? But I’ve seen many really nice examples online and I tend to be a bit cold, so anything that encourages layering is awesome. And I really like the hem line of this dress. 




So This is the Dakota Shawl Collar dress by Named. I made a size 10, based on my bust and waist size and made no other fit changes. The waist sits in a nice place on my short waist and the bust darts sit perfectly where they are meant to be. Named, you maybe my new go-to pattern company when I don’t want to make any changes…
This Dakota is made of a really nice mid-weight Cotton knit from Craftsy, it was so beautiful to sew with. Because this is a knit, I added clear rubber band at the shoulder. I also interfaced the hem of the skirt and waist of the skirt and bodice. When I was sewing the collar I noticed that when sewing across the grain the fabric stretched a bit (even with the lightest of pressure foot pressure) and I didn’t want any unattractive wrinkles and stretching… I used knit interfacing, which worked perfectly. It’s still stretchy enough to fit over my chest.

The one thing I didn’t really like about this was that the PDF pattern didn’t have the individual pieces laid out. The pieces were overlayed, which is nice to safe paper, but having to cut the edges off, tape it all together an then trace certain pieces again was a bit cumbersome. I’d prefer individual pieces…

Initially I followed all the instructions (apart from the extra interfacing) which were super easy and finished the dress as described. But after trying it on and modelling it for the other half, I decided that the pocket flaps added unnecessary thickness to my waist, so I removed them again and it’s better I think. While I also really like the placement of the pockets, I have seen others place them elsewhere on the skirt and my try that on the next version.

I almost forgot that the seam allowance on this pattern was only 1cm, not the usual 1.5cm, which would have made it too small. Luckily I read over the instructions… 

Next time I make this – and I’ll make it again, it’s a nice pattern – I may consider closing the front a bit more, so that I can wear it without anything underneath. After wearing it last week and being super comfy in it (secret Pyjama…), I’ve been thinking about making a skirt using the skirt pieces. I’d move the pockets down a bit and make a curved waistband using the top of the skirt pieces… And I’ll need to take it in a little bit at the waist so that it stays where it is meant to be.

One thought on “Orange/ pink knit Dakota Shawl Dress

  1. What a great dress! I love those colours and the silhouette looks great on you. Lately I’m not so into long sleeved dress but this one really gets me thinking. The long sleeves kind of match the overall picture perfectly.


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