An awesome day with an Inari dress

What an awesome day… Hence this post is being written immediately and cutting in line of two mostly written posts of things sewn up in the last two weeks.

I really liked my last Inari dress and was keen on making another one out of a knit fabric this time. I’ve had this image on my inspiration list for a while and thought a variation of the Inari could be perfect for that…  When I went to the Fabric Warehouse last week end I came across this viscose poly mix knit, not too thick, not too thin, just right. 


kristina's style
Not sure why the serious face…
I cut up the fabric quite late on Thursday evening, and completely forgot that I wanted to add buttons on the back. Oh well, next time. I actually have a bit of fabric left, so may make the opposite of the inspiration, black with stripes at the top. 

I made a couple of changes this time, I cut the sleeves about 5 cm longer and made the neckband about 2 cm wider as well. And decided to have the stripes vertical not the usual horizontal, apart from the neckband. That makes the dress just slightly less stretchy, but it’s still good. And it makes the dress look just a little bit different. Same as last time, I made a size 10 and sewed up the whole thing pretty much on my overlocker. 

The dress came together in about 2 hours (or a little less) this morning and I promptly wore it into town to go to the hairdresser. This is a new hairdresser, my first appointment since the Shave for a Cure, so I wanted to wear something that would show my style, to make sure I’d end up with something fitting…

What a successful dress πŸ™‚ 

The wider neckband makes it stand up like little collar, I really like how that looks. 


I just love those slits… And they are just low enough to work well in our windy City and still look kinda special and a little bit sexy.


Squints galore, it has that overcast glariness at the moment that makes you feel stupid to wear sunnies, but you still have to glint.


Yes, so this is my new haircut, I like! It’s  versatile, it can be sleeker and neat like an Audrey Hepburn style or messy and a bit wild as it is now. I think the hairdresser was a good choice and I will go back. You know, when a new hairdresser just looks at you and says “yes yes that’s ok we can do that” and then washes your hair… This one ran his hands through my hair for several minutes to get a feel for the thickness, how it falls, etc, then made some suggestions and then went on to wash and cut… I like that. And he’s a quiet one, I like that too.

And one other thing, I bought new boots, those little blue ones in the pictures, I just bought them today, and not just because the sales person said that she really liked my dress πŸ™‚ preen, smile, happiness… Aren’t they cute:

And oh so comfy.

After the haircut, I couldn’t resist and had to stick me head into the Fabric Store. After this and last week’s emails I had to have a look. And promptly got another compliment on my dress πŸ™‚ preen, smiles, happiness once again. Especially after having had some issues with fit, wrong choice of fabric and just all around not-quite-working-as-it-should-ness… I was getting a bit frustrated to be honest, hence a straightforward Inari was perfect, and even better, getting lots of compliments on day one. Of course I couldn’t resist buying fabric… So next up, two skirts (which I desperately need for work) and a late summer sweater. 

I may take on one of my half finished mishaps now, today has got to be good omen for sewing. πŸ™‚ 

Hope you have a wonderful day too.

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