Last batch of my jewellery… Earrings

And last but not least a selection of earrings I made

Setting stones

I like experimenting with setting stones, there’s a lot of different possibilities and techniques to try out and so many colours to play with. The ones on the left are set in a hollow tube, so that light can shine through from behind.

The ones on the right are just set in a normal setting. I cheated a bit and bought that silver setting and just clipped a bit at the back to get some light to come through the lovely moon stone. These are very simple, but I wear them a lot.

Experimenting with texture

Again the dentist drill sounding tool that creates a brushed texture fascinated me and while these little paddle like earrings may not look too exiting, I love them.

The ones on the right are hammered first then put through a roller mill with some lace-type material on top, which embosses the pattern on the silver.

More of that dentist drill sounding tool… The two rings are not static, they can move which ever way they want, which creates a nice bit of fluidity when wearing them.

Another set of favourites. The long back curve is modelled on one of my sets of earrings that I got as a present from my dad once (made out of steel). I like that look a lot. The shape of these was cut and then I put them through a roller mill, all experimentation really. The key things is knowing when to stop experimenting and when something is done. Luckily I found the right timing here… I love this shape.

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