Inari tee dress with dragonflies

I’ve had this mid weight dragon fly non stretchy cotton from the Wellington Sewing Services for some time now and I love it. I had it draped over my dress form (when not in use) for months, trying to find the right pattern for it. I didn’t want anything too fussy or with too many seams.

The Inari Tee Dress from Named seemed perfect…

I made a size 10, with no flat changes to the pattern. I did end up lengthening the neckband by almost 10cm. I can now easily get my head through the dress, but would never in life get my head through the neckband as drafted, even if I were using stretch fabric, it would need a lot of stretch. The drafted neckband didn’t fit the dress, not totally sure why, luckily I had enough material, so all good…. This was sewn on my normal machine and overlooked in about 2.5 hours while listening to NPR Ted radio hour.

When I first tried on the dress without the sleeves on, I thought I would have to add little darts at the upper back to get rid of the gaping there and I wasn’t sure about the drape of it all. But with sleeves in, the gape is almost gone and “magically” the drape is really nice, now it has the shape it is meant to have. I love it!

The dress feels a tiny bit tight at the upper chest, across the shoulders rather than at the breast level… (You can see it a bit in the picture above). Looking at it now, wearing it today, I’m thinking the shoulders are not quite wide enough for me. I do think that the size is right though. I may adjust the shoulder width a bit for the next version. In the woven fabric, it’s not really a dress to lift things in or reach both arms forward. But it’s still really really nice!

One tiny mishap happened while sewing this, I forgot that my overlocker thread is poly and other thread is cotton and I accidentally ironed at cotton heat… Melting the overlocking thread into the ironing board… It’s not too bad, I was able to scrape it off easily, but note to self, don’t assume you can iron overlocked cotton with high heat… 🙂

One shot in action from our weekend in New Plymouth. I’ve worn it several times since finishing it last weekend. I really like this dress and am already thinking through my stash of fabric to see what other versions I can make. A blue and black striped knit comes to mind and a beige/pink patterned cotton. The shape, the vents, the longer back hem, the neckline… It’s just such a well designed pattern. More to come!

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