Hudson pants times 2

Just before the Christmas holidays (while my parents were on their trip through the country), I couldn’t resist trying the new men’s Hudson pants pattern by True Bias.

I made the other half a size 36, and lengthened the legs 12cm. He’s quite tall… His are made out of a mid weight grey/green modal, cotton mix with a bit of lycra from the Fabric Warehouse. It’s a bit warm for summer, but he’s worn them quite a bit already and says he likes them a lot. Very comfy and they have awesomely deep pockets. They were really superbly quick to put together, I sewed them mainly on the overlocker.  


No patience for photos…. 😉 
He liked them so much that I got the Hudson pants for her as well and made myself a pair too.

I made a size 6 and also lengthened them by 9cm. Mine are made out of slightly thicker mid weight brighter green modal, cotton mix with some lycra also from the Fabric Warehouse.

I do really like them, they are super comfy, but somehow my pockets are sticking out a bit. His sit flatter… Next time around I may try taking a little wedge out of the pocket piece or stretch the pocket detail a lot more (i.e. make it a bit shorter yet and stretch it even more).

I would like to try this out of a woven, some rayon maybe. Make a size up… I like the fit, so I think it could work… Watch this space.



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