More of my jewellery… necklaces

This time around it’s necklaces

The first piece

It started with this chain necklace on the right. In the second class or or after learning to make a ring, I started this short chain necklace. It’s a bit hard to see, but one side is textured a bit via different sized hammers… I wear this so very often, classy but still a bit fun.

Last year I decided I wanted a matching bracelet. (yes, that does fit my wrist, I kept on taking links out and finally it was small enough)

A last minute make

This one was made during a last class of a term in the last hour or so out of a left over piece of silver from another project. I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish by the end of the class. So I played with the art of reticulating, creating little balls and created this natural looking branch. Imminently wearable 🙂

Experimenting with stones

I had bought these two lovely green stones and when Sue showed us how to use a tool for creating a brushed look (sounds hideously like a dentist’s drill), I decided to set them at slight angles in this little round necklace. Wherever you stand they seem to sparkle at you.

Experimenting with blackening

I have a ready made sweater with a similar pattern to this. I liked it and thought I could recreate something like that. Shit tons of work, let me tell you… Cutting all these little pieces of silver and soldering them on the plate, NOT easy. I lost a few while soldering others on, but you can’t tell. The pattern is meant to be broken up like this. Works very nicely with black and white outfits.

Experimenting with gold leaf

This was another organic looking idea I had. I wanted something that wasn’t too neat, too perfect. Hence this odd shaped, not quite oval with two silver balls (probably left over from the above experimentation with creating silver balls) and some gold leaf.

The bottom left one is hammered and curved.

The bottom right was a left over piece of silver on top of which I set the blue stone.

Experimenting with copper

The top one is also one of my earlier pieces when I learned how to saw metal. The black stuff is leather that I set between the cut out copper and a solid copper plate at the bottom with three rivets.

And the bottom one was an experiment at the end of a class. I just thinned and coiled a piece of copper. I love this piece but I probably won’t try to do this is silver as I know it’s never going to come out as perfectly as this.

Not only do I want to pick up pen and paper and a saw/soldering iron again, I also am in need of a proper silver polishing cloth, most of these are a bit darkened by now…

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