Some of my jewellery… Rings

I may have mentioned at some point before that I also make silver jewellery. Since I am on a roll with blogging at the moment I thought I’d write a few posts about my self made jewellery. These will probably be quite image heavy and just having taken a whole lot of photos I may split it up into three posts, rings, earrings and necklaces…

My mom also used to make silver jewellery some years ago and I always really liked her pieces. So when I saw that Inverlochy Art School here in Wellington offered evening courses, I signed up. This was about 2 years ago. I’ve done three or maybe four sets of courses with Sue Shore of Off Shore Jewellery. Sadly Sue now lo longer teaches at the art school, she’s an amazing teacher and an awesome artist. If time allows I may go back anyway and do some more classes, access to the tools is just superb and being able to ask someone when you have a seemingly crazy idea…. The great thing about the classes, apart from the small class size, is that you get so much attention from the tutor. The first time around you learn to make a ring, cut either a necklace or brooch, learn soldering, then do a chain and then a project of your choice. When you go back you can make whatever you like and get the help you need. Oh the possibilities… 🙂

My style of jewellery has become a lot more simple in the last two years. I used to wear quite a lot of costume jewellery, but these days, almost always only my own…

Right, well here are some of my favourite rings.

A recent make

I was contemplating setting a stone in there, but decided I like it as is.

An everyday favourite

One of my favourite rings, it is sooooo darn comfortable and goes with almost everything.

My piece de resistance

And this is the one I still consider my piece de resistance. I saw my mum wearing a bought ring somewhat similar at some point and have always fancied it. This one is made of two tubes with four stones set into them. You may see a bit of a theme here, I love square rings, they suit the shape of my finger so much better. I have fairly thick knuckles but otherwise really skinny hands, which makes round rings just flop around when they are on. Square ones… you can twist to put on and then when they sit right they sit and don’t flop around. Any lets face it, they look so cool too…

Round and square…

One that is a bit of a compromise between round and square, still very comfortable. Another one inspired by something I saw my mum wear. Her bar was removable and she could add pearls or so on the bar, but I couldn’t figure out how to recreate something like that, definitely a bit past my skills. I still like this one though.

A few round ones with stones…

This one a bit smaller with a chocolate brown stone.

And a copper one with a stone I sadly cannot recall what it was, but again something that fits with so many outfits.

Reviewing all these photos make me want to pick up the soldering iron and saw…

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