Thailand wardrobe summary

I wanted to write one post to summarise all the clothes I took with me on our holiday to Thailand. I was aiming for a wholly self-made wardrobe, but in the end didn’t totally succeed, not far off though… I sometimes find it helpful to see what others are packing for their holidays; I usually pack way to much, not this time though…

All in all I wore every single piece I took, some of the dresses only once (because we were not really going out for a lot of nice dinners, just really good local places that were happy with shorts and t-shirt), but most I wore several times. Same with all 3 pairs of shoes (black sandals, tan Keds, blue flip flops), so it all worked really well. The only thing I ended up taking a little bit to much of was jewellery, well, two sets of extra earrings I didn’t end up wearing…

I set myself a colour palette for the holiday, so that everything would work with everything else. Colours for the holiday were: black, white, tan, pink/dusky rose/coral, and light blue.

So, here a list of what I took:

  • Shorts number 1, white/tan/black/olive cotton Movies in the Park shorts
  • Shorts number 2, and older pair of rose/pink Burda shorts from May 2012 – I love them still!!! These are made from a rose/pink small flowered cotton, they are high waisted, with an inseam zip at the back. So nice, even if they don’t have any pockets. Next time, they will have pockets!
Again creased to buggery – they are being worn a lot!
Would you believe it, I have no image of me in these from Thailand, so instead, here in action in Germany in 2013.
  • Shorts number 3 – black ready to wear shorts I still had in my closet.
  • Dress number 1 – older blue Burda dress
  • Dress number 2 – older Burda dress I made ages ago out of a beautiful knit fabric (some poly). I really really like the pattern of the fabric, but I’ve never actually worn it, as it’s a bit too beachy for Wellington (and I don’t really wear much poly any more at all), and I was a bit too self-conscious for a while. But it was perfect for Thailand and I loved it!!!

I don’t recall what pattern it was, one that was fairly simple, empire waist, bodice with flutter sleeves, and a skirt that I remember making quite  abit tighter because I didn’t have enough fabric. Because of the type of fabric this is, I didn’t need to overlock anything. I didn’t even do anything to the sleeves or hem at all, it’s just open. The neck is faced with the same fabric and there is no closure, it just pulls over my head.

It was the perfect dress to throw on over my bikini to walk on the beach or go down to the pool.


I was very proud of my pattern matching
File_000 (1)
And one more in action on the beach in Koh Samui
  • Dress number 3 – black/grey/colourful Bonnell dress
  • Dress number 4 – pink/rose/white McCalls wrap dress 
  • Skirt 1 – blue/white/coral/pink Gabriola skirt
  • Long trouser 1 – black linen Mein Jumpsuit tousers
  • Blouse 1 – an older ready to wear white linen blouse, slightly big on me, but I still love it, looks awesome, perfect for hot days, slightly longer, really want to copy that for the copy from rtw class on craftsy!!! I managed to ruin the blouse with sun screen, so I will definitely copy it and make it again.
We did a bike tour through the country side in the Chiang Rai area, this lovely old blouse was perfect!
  • Blouse 2 – another RTW white crispy cotton long sleeve blouse as a throw over for temples and the plane… It’s got no darts in the front and in a bit big, so it’s been sitting in my to-change pile for a while. It was almost about to be thrown out or given away, but since knotting blouses at the waist is all en vogue again now, I thought it would be perfect and it was! Just enough room to tie it, blousy on top, but not too much. I may keep it as it is for the summer and then see about making adjustments.
  • T-shirt 1 – rose Renfrew t-shirt
  • T-shirt 2,3,4 – three RTW t-shirts (black, white, pink)
  • Cardigan 1 – also a RTW in tan
  • Bikini and bathing suit – all RTW, I’ve had bathing suit fabric for a while, but I didn’t have enough time to make a bathing suit… For our next holiday I will make a bathing suit!!!

It all worked really well together, almost all self-made, and I didn’t take anything I didn’t wear.

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