Thailand modification – Burda dress

This is not really a new make, but a modification for the holiday.



My mom and I made this dress last time I was home, we traded off cutting, sewing, overlocking, hand sewing and thread cutting… all in all it only took a couple of hours. It’s a Burda dress, made out of the most amazing, soft, blue raw silk from my mum’s stash with buttons from my grand mother. Innitially I thought I could not find the pattern anymore, which would have been a real shame, as I wore it heaps on the holiday and since here at home and I’d love to make another one. But in my cleaning up my patterns I found it. It’s from 02/2014 number 116. It is a size 38, as far as I remember. The dress is fairly loose, making it perfect for hot weather. There is no darts at all, instead the belt is caught in a fold to create shape. The front bodice and skirt is one piece, the back is two and the belt just sits loosely around the middle. You could make the belt longer and tie it tightly, but I like the loose and easy fit.

And I love the length of the dress, must take note of that for future makes and other dresses.

If I recall correctly, we took up the shoulders a bit and flattened the sleeve at the top (I’m not sure that is what it’s called), which are changes I often have to make for Burda patterns.


You can kind of see here how the belt is captured in the front to create shape. It’s just placed between a fold in the front

The sleeves and hem are just turned under widely/deeply and topstitched and the v-neck has a wide facing also top stitched to the same width as the sleeves and hem. Super easy and nice looking. You could play with some contrasting thread for a bit of fun…

I loved those buttons and desperately wanted them, but they are too large and the snaps underneath pop open, which is why I hadn’t worn this dress since making it a bit over a year ago. In prep for the holiday I added some stronger snaps in between the others, et voila, new favourite dress.

Oh so comfy and stylish. I just love that it is loose and still fitted, if that makes sense at all. You can even eat a bit much and hide it away 😉


And one in action shot, out side a top notch restaurant in Bangkok (yes, you’d never know by the outside).


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