Thailand make 6 – McCalls Wrap dress 7119

My last new make for the holiday was McCalls wrap dress 7119.

This is made from a gorgeous rayon I got from Craftsy a little while ago. It feels so lovely and drapes beautifully. The colours worked well with my holiday colour scheme (i.e. shoes and cardigan for inside).

I chose the high low version, for a bit of extra fun. After reading Lladybird’s post on this, I made the back parts of the skirt a lot shorter already while putting together the pattern. And sure enough I cut even more off at the end and it is still quite long. Be aware though not to cut anything off the front skirt panels or you’ll be flashing your knickers, even the original front length is almost an accident waiting to happen (at my height 5’8″). I will have to pick my days wisely to be able to wear this in windy Wellington.

This is the short sleeved version in size 14. According to the envelope I fit between a 12 and 14, but I didn’t want it to be too small and have some room to play (as I didn’t have time for a muslin).

Again based on Lauren’s blog post I took the shoulder up a little, but not enough. I had a little bit of trouble with setting the sleeves, somehow the instructions were not too clear to me at first or maybe I hadn’t transferred all the notches. It all worked out in the end though.


It fits well, although it is on the edge of being a bit low cut, so the first time I wore it out in Thailand I put a tiny safety pin on the inside of the neckline, just so I wouldn’t accidentally flash someone in the restaurant. Otherwise I like it, it swishy and flirty and fun.

Checking if everything is still hidden… 😉
Hmm, could work for flamenco dancing
A bit of wind for effect


This is the first woven wrap dress I’ve made and it’s not bad, I really like the back, perfect for my sway back… Enough fabric to move, but not too much.

Not that easy to walk on the grass in high heels

The one thing that bugs me a tiny bit is that the front panel sometimes rolls open a bit to show the inside of the hem. For the next one I may use a contrasting hem tape or so to make that bit a bit more fun… And I’ll take the shoulder up more again. There is more than enough space under the arm and my torso is quite short, so it can go higher I think without making any other adjustments.

I’d like to make this again, the short even hemmed version, with a bit more coverage in the front.

One thought on “Thailand make 6 – McCalls Wrap dress 7119

  1. Such a perfect fabric and pattern combo. It must feel lovely to wear. Thanks for introducing me to this pattern… one day I’ll be brave enough to cut into my green silk!


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