Thailand make 5 – Bonnell dress

I’d been eying the Bonnell dress by Dixie DIY for a while and thought this holiday might be the right excuse to make one.


I cut the pattern grading from size 6 to 8 based on the sizing table and actually made a muslin of the bodice (from an old bed sheet) – some time before the holiday… The sizing seemed to worked well and the top fits nicely.

The main fabric is a cotton stretch from Centrepoint in Auckland, which I actually specifically bought for this pattern (quite some time ago). I love this fabric, flowery without being too girly, bright but not too bright, it’s just awesome. The bodice lining is a scrap of black silk I had leftover. While it all was quite easy to sew, the lining is a tiny bit smaller than the outside, so rolls in just a smidge. But the pattern on the fabric hides a lot, so you can’t tell much when I wear it.

Lovely silk lining
I really like the back on this.


And the cut outs are just the right size, not too big…

The waistband again was the issue, and I was rushing a bit – yes, same story – I should have checked it properly at muslin stage. I really should have made a muslin of the skirt as well, that would have shown the waist issue I think. Again it’s not bad, just a bit loose and not sure if the waistband is quite in the right position for me. The waistband probably needs to sit a bit higher and the whole things needs to be tighter. As mentioned before, I have a short torso, which is why I’ve always shied away from natural waisted dresses as they can make my upper body look really short, but lately I’ve come to like them more and more, just maybe not with a waistband… Just attaching the skirt to the bodice maybe better for me.

The looseness was ok for the hot Thailand, but for colder New Zealand I may make some adjustments.

Yes, I managed to get one of the flowers just beneath where it would have been very unfortunate. This is just ok I hope


I would like to make this again!!!

One thought on “Thailand make 5 – Bonnell dress

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress!! ❤ that fabric works perfectly with it. 🙂

    I think that's the first time I've seen photos of the back of this pattern – I didn't realise it had a v neck at the back! Looks great. I have it in my to-sew queue, so it's really nice to see one made up 🙂


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