Thailand make 4 – Gabriola Skirt

Another last minute make for the holiday was the Gabriola skirt by Sewaholic.

I had almost finished this skirt in a man made “natural” fabric similar to rayon, I can’t remember the name of it, it drapes like rayon, but is a bit thicker.

Nightmare to sew, the yokes kept slipping, stretching… I don’t think I managed to sew a straight line on the whole thing. It was way to long in the size the sizing table on the envelope said was right for me, size 8, and at 5’8″ I don’t consider myself short. And it was a bit too big at the waist as well.

So I didn’t finish that one, but I had this really nice madras cotton from Craftsy sitting here. It wasn’t quite enough to get the pattern matching perfect or to use the skirt panels as they are meant to be. I made a size 8 again, as I need it in the waist, but the hip is way to big for me, so next time, when I have a bit more time, I’ll grade from 8 at the waist to 6 at the hip.

Other changes: I made the skirt panels quite a bit slimmer at the bottom and since I knew it would be too long left about 5cm off the bottom. That was just enough to fit the skirt with ok pattern matching on most parts.

After putting it together I ended up taking out another good 1.5cm on each side of the yokes, keeping the waistband as it is.

Some nice pattern matching at the front
Ok at the side
And really not so good at the back… not quite sure what happened there.
I do quite like the yoke as it is, even unmatched…

I should have rushed a bit less (this was done in two evenings right before the flight, with the hem done the night before also) and noticed before that the straight waistband would not sit flat. It’s ok and I wore it tons (pretty much to every temple we went to and we saw lots), but it is quite loose and the waistband sticking straight up and off my body makes me think I look bigger in the waist than I am…

Apologies for the wrinkles, it had come straight off the line…

I was thinking either it should be a whole lot tighter and then sit higher, in the waist properly (which would really mean making it a a full size smaller). I do have a fairly short waist, so wider waistbands like this don’t tend to work as well. I could make a slightly curved waistband next time…

Alternatively, I may leave the waistband off and make a curved facing based on the yoke. I think for this one I’ll go for the second option, as I like things sitting more on my hips (not too low). I will definitely make this pattern again, in its full glory (although it is quite voluminous already, and for cotton I think this hem width is probably OK), and may try a size down…

Definitely a gorgeous pattern. If only I had need for a long evening skirt, this would be superb!!!

Two in action shots:


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