Thailand make 3 – Renfrew t-shirt

My first summer Renfrew…

I chose the short sleeved version of Renfrew by Sewaholic with cowl neck. I just love this pattern!


The fabric is a cotton (and I believe there’s a bit of rayon in it too) jersey from the Fabric Warehouse. I love this old rose colour (old rose is the direct translation of what we would call this in German, hope it makes sense in English). It fits perfectly into my colour palette and goes with just about everything. And best of all, it’s a nice pink that doesn’t clash with my hair 😉

IMG_2439 (1)

Same as last time, I made a size 8 and made no changes to the pattern at all. I sewed up the whole thing on my overlocker (again with white thread…), so easy and so fast. Even though this is fairly thin jersey, the neckline lies beautifully flat and I didn’t have any issues with anything else either. Not much to say but awesome…


Bit glaring in the sun… And as my dad pointed out too late, you can see my fitbit on my bra…


And since you’ve seen all these images already – all these pictures were taken on the same day – one more in action in Thailand. Nice!!! Love this pattern. I’ve already got a black and a white jersey ready and poised and am planning on making one more just like it, one with a bow at the neckline and maybe even try one v-neck.

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