Thailand make 2 – Mein Trousers

For the flight to Thailand and possibly a cold hotel dinner, I wanted to make some linen trousers. And some time ago, I bought the Mein Jumpsuit by Okistyle, it just looks sooooo awesome. I’ve even got fabric for it already, a beautiful black and white wool/rayon mix, that drapes absolutely wonderfully. But since it wasn’t the cheapest of fabrics, I wanted to make a muslin.

So, this is essentially my wearable muslin for the actual jumpsuit… (of course in black so that you can hardly see anything on the photos).


This is simple, gorgeous linen, pre washed (but I did wash it again too before cutting) in black from the Fabric Warehouse.

I did a muslin out of a cotton sheet before, just to basically check the sizing. Size 38 was great (also according to the size chart). The trousers sit just below my belly button (not too low, not too high) and have fairly wide legs, perfect for warm climates.

Okistyle does not give a lot of instructions and sometimes the German and English compliment each other rather than being straight translations. This is probably something you want to attempt after having had some projects under your belt already. All worked really well except that I did my buttons the other way around, the back overlaps the front. Somehow it was sitting flatter that way, maybe because I cut the back closer to the edge/corner before sewing it up… Not sure, but I don’t mind.


(Excuse the facial expression, it was a very very hot and sunny day…)


Changes: I ended up cutting the back waistband in half and taking a bit out to shape it a bit more (personal swayback type adjustment of which I don’t seem to have a photo at the moment). The fit is really nice otherwise.

The other change I made was to sew the front pleats shut for about a hand’s width. while it didn’t bother me so much on the muslin, I didn’t like how big I looked with these standing open… My belly is still the biggest part of me, something I’d rather hide a bit than play up. So I just top stitched down a bit. Works well and was quick and easy in this case. For the actual jumpsuit I may spend some time working out how I can get rid of the pleats from the get go, either make them into darts or rotate them out to the side (I’ve been reading some articles about taking out pleats out of men’s trousers, haven’t found the ultimate solution yet, in the meantime this works).


It was a bit loose at the beginning. And after 12 hours on planes in linen, it was a bit wider yet, but what could be more perfect in the hot!!!?! They sit well, on the hips. The curved waistband is really good for me (note to self, if a pattern has a straight band, change it to a curved one!!! Always).

And the deep pockets are just great, I love them! They could hold my passport and all other stuff I needed on the flight.


I only put the buttons on the night before the flight and hemmed it by hand as well. Luckily the length was right, I was in a rush and didn’t check it at all.

I will definitely make the jumpsuit!!! I did cut out the top parts of the jumpsuit out of the rest of linen I had left, but I like these so much that I want to keep them as trousers and not finish my muslin for the full jumpsuit. It’ll be ok 😉

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