Thailand make 1 – Movies in the Park shorts

Here’s the first of my catch-up blog posts, in no particular order, starting with the Movies in the Park shorts by Dixie DIY for the Thailand holiday.


(Ah, just as an FYI, I did Shave for a Cure in late October, so this is about 2 1/2 months of regrowth… which had nothing to do with me not posting anything, I actually like it this short…)

I made a quick muslin for these, which is something fairly new to me. I grew up sewing with my mum and she always just started sewing. She did know what would fit her and how she needed to change the pattern before even cutting into any fabric. Anyway, I am trying to become better at making muslins and making good adjustments beforehand.

The muslin in size M seemed fine, but as usual it wasn’t all perfect.

I added a good 5cm to the shorts at the hem to get them a bit more appropriate/polite for Thailand, but honestly, while they are nice and fit well, I don’t totally like them longer, they were meant to be short. I don’t know why I was worried, every one else was wearing really short shorts…


The fabric is a stretch cotton bought at the Fabric Warehouse sale in town for $3/metre. I really like it, luckily, as I bought 5m of it. I’m planning to make another Morris blazer out of it, and my mum took a bit over a meter of it as well.

I didn’t have enough buttons I my stash (this was all sewn quite last minute, as in two days before the flight and the buttons were sewn on the night before) so I only put 4 in on one side and sewed up the other side.



I did get a tiny bit creative at last minute and used red thread across the middle of the buttons… And I only noticed later that I sewed the ‘wrong’ side shut and left the other open. No biggie.

For some reason the shorts came out a bit bigger, so I have that big overlap… I added a little snap to keep the side smooth and even. It maybe the stretch of the fabric that contributed to that, or maybe the fact that I just pinned the sides of the muslin and didn’t notice it was a bit big. Lucky me it was, see end of the post… 😉

When I have a moment in the next few weeks, I may make them a bit shorter and redo the bias binding.

I wore them heaps on the holiday and since, they are really comfortable and I looooove the deep pockets, they can fit my phone! 🙂


The fit is ok, this is one of the few patterns where I didn’t have to cut the back waistband or reshape it, I was able to just use it as is and it fits perfectly at the lower back.

But it is not absolutely perfect, which makes me think that I’d like to put in some solid time taking my pattern drafting book and making a block/pattern for myself based on my measurements as well as finally finishing the trouser sloper.

It seems quite hard to find the right trouser pattern at the moment. I have one pair of trousers I made a few years ago, when I was still quite a bit bigger, that I took in at the sides and back. They fit beautifully now. I think they were a Burda pattern, and the fabric is a  beautifully heavy drapey cottony blend of some kind (excuse all the ‘technical’ terms). They have a wide waistband, narrow at the thighs and then widen below. Just perfect. But as it goes, I don’t quite know what the pattern was and when/if I find it it’ll be in a size several times too big… Whenever I visit my mom she and I copy a whole bunch of Burda patterns from her magazines for me to take back home with me, but it’s always just one size and this one was several years ago…

I’m determined to find it, make some flat pattern changes based on what I can see in the pair I have, make a proper muslin and do some proper fitting, not the rushed quick check I tend to do when I actually muslin (as mentioned, something that’s new to me). That should leave me with a good pattern that I could maybe change to a slim fitting trouser as well…

Ok, there’s a plan, find the pattern and get going. And note to self, keep up with keeping notes and a scrap of fabric with the pattern and/or blog about it… Must do!!!

As you will see in the next few weeks, all these photos were taken at the same time, i.e. between the holidays by my mum. When we were taking these pictures, I noticed that the shorts had shrunk a bit in the wash… When will I learn to always pre-wash, no matter how little time there is…?!

I don’t think it’s too bad, but I hope I’ve got my lesson learned now.

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