Another Astoria

I’ve been working on a dress for a little while, and somehow it’s just not coming together the way I envisioned it. So that’s been put aside for some instant gratification in form on another Astoria. I made this a few weeks ago (probably at least 3 weeks, I’ve been really bad about blogging).


Kristina's Style


This is the second Astoria Sweater from Seamwork Magazine I’ve made. I love wearing the first one and this one is fast becoming another favourite. It’s made from a light green wool knit from the Fabric Warehouse. It’s fairly thick, so perfect for our cold winter days.

Same as last time, I added 4cm of length in the body and 3cm for the sleeves, and sewed up the whole thing on the overlocker again. I am getting used to it and am much less afraid to make a mistake and then have to toss the whole thing.

I spend a long time to get the thread tension and differential for both the overlocker and my normal machine right, but the bottom hem ended up a little bit wavy. It’s not to bad and I’ve worn this many times anyway.

Kristina's style

(apologies for the dark image and strange angle, we were in a rush)

The other half has become so much more picky with clothes lately, after seeing my creations and being the recipient of several himself. He looked very closely at the sweater when I first modelled it and said that on the back of the arm holes there was too much fabric, and sure enough it was bunching a bit too much. He’s becoming a good fitting partner… a bit more practice with pins and it’ll be perfect. I took a bit off/smoothed the line of the back arm scythe, about a centimetre. Otherwise, all good, warm and happy. I’m enjoying these a lot, quick and easy and oh so versatile. I’ll have to find some not quite so thick and warm fabric for the spring.



More updates on further projects soon, three more are done, awaiting to be blogged…

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