Checking in & taking stock

So, almost six months into the year, I’ve decided it is time to stop for a moment and see how things are really going with the Wardrobe Architect Challenge.

Insight/stock take number 1 – I am absolutely fine without buying ready-made clothes

I have successfully refrained from buying any ready-made clothes, and I have to say, it feels great and I don’t miss it. It’s nice that there are no bought clothes around that I don’t actually end up wearing, that I jut bought on a whim. I will admit to buying underwear and shoes. I think I should get my closet into shape before tackling bras, thought I have bought more underwear elastic from Made on Marion, so some knickers are on the list. And thanks to Leimomi the Dreamstress‘s class, I have a set of patterns that work well.

Insight/stock take number 2 – I am not good at sticking to a sewing plan

Comparing my completed garments to my sewing list, I failed spectacularly at sticking to the list.

This was my sewing plan initially and as of yet, I have made the following as indicated by the ticks (and comments after the —):

  • ✔ 1 slim pant, navy blue — not yet blogged as the hems need finishing. Plus the Ginger jeans as a muslin for these, although in the end I didn’t end up using the Ginger pattern for the blue skinny pants.
  • 1 t-shirt, black
  • 1-2 singlets, coral red, rust, bright green or blush, silk or with some lace
  • Not quite a ✔: 1 long sleeve or ¾ sleeve top, navy blue, more interesting cut or pattern, maybe something with racing stripes like Cue stuff — I almost finished the Aberdeen top, but I don’t like it on me at all, hence not quite finished and not blogged yet. And maybe this tunic counts too, although it’s more or less a muslin as the colours don’t fit into my palette.
  • 1 longer sleeve or ¾ top, taupe, alt rosa or coral red (depending on singlet colour) (maybe striped, b/w) — maybe stretching it a bit, but The Astoria sweater is long sleeve and the winter is here, so I needed something a bit
  • 1 fitted blouse, light blue (lighter jeans colour, maybe patterned?)
  • 1 pencil skirt, coloured or patterned (floral?) — I got the Itch to Stitch Lindy Petal skirt pattern and am debating about the right fabric
  • 1 pencil skirt (or modify blue slim skirt), navy blue
  • 1 A-line skirt, patterned or coloured (not neutral) — maybe not quite A-line. I just realised that I never blogged my Beignet skirt, that’s a proper A-line… that shall follow soon
  • 1 fitted dress, black/navy, wool casual lbd
  • 1 shirt dress (slim dress), taupe, rust, navy blue, bright green (coral red) — I’ve traced and cut the pattern and allocated the fabric… about to get started
  • ✘ 1 wrap dress, patterned, maybe floral or neutral animal to replace existing one!!! something drapey with stretch (semi casual) — cut out and put together, but a total bust… wrong fabric I think, something I struggle with sometimes
  • 1 blazer, creme or taupe or blush pink (maybe white or creme if can find something that’s washable), wool/wool jersey
  • ✘ 1 blazer, coloured (rust or alt rosa), wool/wool jersey — cut out and put together to some extend, but not yet finished orb
  • Not quite a ✔: 1 blouson top, colour?, silk top/t-shirt or knit/jersey t-shirt or unlined knit jacket or jacket style — I have the fabric lying cut out on top of the – finally found – perfect ribbing, and that’s it. It has been there for a while now…

I have also made and not yet blogged the Salt Jacket from Oki Style (using the fabric intended for one of the jersey/knit blazers), I love it, it’s just a bit different, but it’s not quite right yet either.

And then there are the Quant and Goldstream Coats. Very useful and often worn, but not on the immediate list. A coat is on the ‘if there is time’ list… The good thing is I am sticking to my colour palette when buying new fabric for other things.

And the long cuddly cardigan, which was also on the list of when there is time…

Insight/ stock take number 3 – I cannot resist good patterns and fabrics, even when or especially when I am supposed to contain myself

I am just so inspired by all those amazing sewing bloggers out there and all those great indie patterns I had vaguely heard about, but not really engaged with before. It makes it really hard to stop planning, thinking, dreaming and just sew.

In the last month alone, I bought (unless they were free) four Oki Style, two Dixie DIY, one Honigdesign, one Itch to stitch, and four Seamwork Magazine patterns… and have allocated fabric to most of them.


Overall, I may not be able to follow the challenge as it is meant to be followed, but the thinking about shapes that suit me, the patterns that would fit my body shape, creation of a colour palette and clearing out of my existing closet has helped me massively. My love for sewing has been thoroughly rekindled and I am much more invested in my sewing now than I have been for the last few years.

It’s been a really good experience so far and I am looking forward to more, even if it is not quite according to plan.

Oh, before I forget, I finally got some labels made 🙂


And here’s a preview of the Salt Jacket that still needs some adjustments, e.g. on the neck line.


I love the draping

IMG_8710 IMG_8711

But the front is not quite right and the neckline doesn’t fit. The fabric (probably not totally the right choice even though it drapes nicely) is impossible to top stitch with my machine, so I only understitched it (dropping every other stitch or so), which does not look so amazing when the lapel falls open… Not sure, maybe I am being too picky. We will see, updates coming soon.

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