More quick projects

There’s a few more quick projects I decided to throw in between the coat completion…

During the past few years, I noticed myself not wearing a lot of skirts, dresses yes, but no skirts. I still haven’t quite worked out why that is. It may be because I don’t feel like I have the right tops for skirts or the skirts I have don’t quite fit right… I’m still not sure to be honest. I am trying to take a photo of what I wear every day and then make an effort at the end of the day to quickly note down what I liked about it, what I didn’t like, what was missing, etc. so that over time I can find out what is missing in my wardrobe, what needs to be changed and so on. I have to admit I’m not doing all that well on that yet, but we will see.

Anyway, back to specific sewing projects.

The skirt

I was reviewing the skirts in my wardrobe and thought that there’s nothing a bit flirty or flouncy in there and that maybe something I might like (looking over at my dresses). So I decided to draw up a quick (almost) half circle skirt and make that using a bit of fabric I bought from the Fabric-a-brak in May.

Thanks to BHL’s circle skirt calculator, this was really easy. I ended up making it a not quite half circle skirt because my fabric wasn’t wide enough and I didn’t want a really short skirt. I also didn’t want any other seams because of the pattern of the fabric. So now it runs straight down the front and then curves around, which is not bad looking I think.

In an ideal world the pattern matching at the back seam would be a bit nicer, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around that. I don’t mind it too much though.

At the moment the hem is just overlocked (which is not too bad looking I think), but I was planning on getting some slim ribbon, fold the hem in and neaten it with the ribbon. It’ll have to be a very thin hem, as I don’t want to loose much length.

I think this is a combination that’s meant to be, I found the perfectly matching shoes in my closet…

The sweater

The other quick project from a few weekends ago was the Astoria sweater from Seamwork Magazine. I liked the look of the pattern when I first saw it and thought it might be a good one to use for my first attempt at making a sweater. I went out to look for fabric a few weeks ago and got a nice black wool sweatshirting knit at Global Fabric.

I made up the pattern in a size M and added 5cm at the waist and 3cm at the sleeves. My lower tummy is still the biggest part of my body and I didn’t want a too cropped sweater, hence the extra 5cm in the waist. And it seems I have monkey arms, hence the 3cm on the sleeves…

I have only had an overlocker for about 2 years and I am still a bit scared to just sew with it, especially when it comes to new patterns. What if I make a mistake? What if it’s a bit too tight…? But everything worked out really well just sewing it straight on the overlocker. It’s so much faster… I did sew the sleeves in with my sewing machine first to check the fit before overlocking them after.

The instructions were really easy to follow. To be honest, I didn’t need them after a first read through. The whole thing from cutting out the pattern to trying it on took no more than 2hrs, super easy and it fits really well.

Astoria works wonderful with dresses and skirts (see above), but it looks good with Jeans too…

Ignore my funny face, it was really sunny that day.

I’ve worn the sweater heaps since making it two weekends ago and I love it. I will definitely make it again in another colour and I’m contemplating one with the hem band in black and the rest in some other colour. I’ve got a few small pieces of the black left…

I managed to time my wearing this at work really well, i.e. on the day the photographer came in. So soon, my self-made sweater will feature in my official work photos. I get such a kick out of that!!!

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