Quick sewing projects

After quite a few longer and more complicated projects, I decided to throw in some quick sewing during the last few weekends.

I’ve had this link to liebedinge’s cocoon cardigan for a little while, I really liked the style, something to cuddle up in. So halfway through Saturday afternoon (two weeks ago) and sewing the Goldstream Peacoat, I needed a bit of a break, so I looked through my stash and my bookmarks to see what simple project I could find. I came across the cocoon cardi and an amazing, pretty large piece of wooly woven fabric in my stash in light grey. I’m not totally sure what it is or when I got it, it clearly was a while ago. It seemed perfect for this. It has an edge that is really nice and two good sides, one a bit lighter than the other… Scissors and measuring tape in hand I went to work (on the ironing board). I pretty much followed Andrea’s measurements, with the width of fabric I had available.


20min later I tried my new shrug/blanket/cardigan. I french seamed the whole thing and then hand sewed the seams flat. The fabric frays quite a bit, so I wanted to make sure it was secure.


It is soooo cuddly and warm and I love the long gathered sleeves. I wore it the next day to work and had some lovely comments. I was superbly comfortable and warm.

My black trousers were a bit fuzzy after 😉 and should I make this again in the future I may add a bit more ease in the sleeves, they are a bit tight. It helps to measure your sleeve width…

The necklace is one of my own creations a well, as is the ring, which you can’t see very well… I may post a bit more about my jewellery making at some point.


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