Catch up – Goldstream Coat is finished

I don’t even know where to start, the last two weekends were quite productive and I meant to blog much earlier about it. First up, and most important, the Goldstream coat is finished! 🙂 Very happy and the other half is very happy too. I also made a quick (almost) half circle skirt (just because I wanted to try whether it would suit me), a shrug/wrap type thing and the Astoria sweater. The first two came into existence within about two hours last weekend, simply because I needed a break from the heavy lifting of the coat. The sweater is from this weekend.

The Goldstream Peacoat

First things first, the Thread Theory Goldstream Peacoat finished!


The open picture


All buttoned up


Collar up, a look that suits him I think…


Side and…


…back view.

The other half is quite tall, broad in the shoulders, but other wise really slim, so I chose the slim fitted classic version (he’s not a fan of hoods). I also made the sleeves about 3cm longer, but decided to keep the overall length as is, I was just a bit generous on the hem seam allowance. I increased the size of the inner pocket slightly, so that he can fit his Kindle… if you’re already getting a custom made coat, you might as well request things like that. The only other change was the button holes. I liked the bound button holes on my Quart coat so much that I thought he should have them too (and he likes them a lot).

The fit is good, not too tight, but also not too loose, he can easily get his hands in the pockets and stretch forward and up.

We picked a black wool, not too thick, but very dense – he said after wearing it today that it feel like the (currently icy cold) wind just seems to stop, so it seems to be perfect for our weather. The lining is just a simple rust/copper coloured poly. I got a little bit fancy and added a label of sorts on the inside… The buttons are a $4 bargain from the fabric-a-brac a few weeks ago, absolutely perfect.


All came together fairly well. Though, my machine struggled a bit with the topstitching (4 layers of wool and two layers of interfacing…), it lost a few stitches every now and then, but unless you know where to look, you wouldn’t notice it at all, so I’ve decided to leave it as is. Although the perfectionist in me is a bit bummed.

Apropos classic version… as you can see, I forgot the epaulets… complete oversight. I made them, struggled majorly to get them inside out, topstitched beautifully, had them sitting next to my sewing machine the whole time. Agonised over the sleeve setting, getting the right fit, no wrinkles, etc, which with the dense wool all interfaced was no small feat. And… I only noticed that I had forgotten them when the sleeves were set perfectly. I wasn’t going to undo all that hard work. He hasn’t noticed it yet 😉 and I think the coat looks good without anyway.

I’ve got a very happy camper at home and I am very happy with how it turned out. It was fun to sew despite the heaviness.

Updates on my other three quick projects in the next few days.

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