Just some random musings

I’m still very excited about my Quart Coat, not that I’m hoping for colder weather, but… you know what I mean, right?

In the meantime I have started on the Thread Theory Goldstream Peacoatfor the other half. We had a lot of fun picking the fabric, initially hoping we could find some nice dark green or maroon even, but everything in colour was too bright and girly. Apart from the blue I used for my coat, but nothing worst than being matchy matchy… 😉 So a black wool from The Fabric Store it is and he chose a very nice and simple copper poly lining. After sewing up the lining part of the coat yesterday evening, I am realising again how easy I had it with my paisley cotton, sooo much easier. Anyway, things are ticking along nicely, and I’m reusing a lot of the techniques I learned making my coat, which seems to make this a bit quicker. And also a bit slower at the same time, as I’ve become infatuated with bound button holes and even though the pattern doesn’t call for it, his coat will have bound button holes…

Here’s one quick photo. Hoping to finish it mostly by the end of the weekend.

On to my random musings…

About a year/year and a half ago, I lost quite a good amount of weight and a couple of dress sizes and in the process my figure changed quite a bit, so that my trued and tried patterns don’t really do it for me anymore, even if I downsize them.

So, I am in the process of finding new ones, which is taking a lot of time (probably more so because I am being sidetracked by sewing lovely coats… but I’m proud to report I still have not bought one piece of clothing from a shop this year).

Some days I feel like I should just closet myself away and sew up some options real quick, make up several muslins of different patterns to see what suits me now and then play with some of these. Then life gets in the way or I get sidetracked by other lovely things.

So, how to establish a set of TNT patterns again? Or maybe even just one? Will I just have to wait it out and see?

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