Struggling with knit blazer

So, I got into my next project, well actually next two projects as part of the wardrobe challenge. I’ve not sewn much with knits, so this is a double challenge for me, and well, it’s only going soso. I definitely need some more practice.

wardrobe arch jacket 2

One is a merino wrap dress (just showing underneath the jacket in the pictures above), using a burda pattern I’ve used many times before, just never in a merino knit. Well, didn’t turn out all that good. I took a bit of the width out of the side, something I’d done before, so I didn’t bother with a muslin, but… I maybe should have. Either I’ve accidentally made it too narrow or the merino had a different effect, but it’s just not right… Anyway, it’s still sitting on my dress form and I’ve decided one of these weekends I’ll cut it off and make it into a cardigan with draped front. Just cut the bottom off and sew it on the front. The arms and neckline are beautiful and fit perfectly, so I don’t want to loose it and the fabric is a really nice merino pinstripe, perfect mix of casual and work.

wardrobe arch jacket

On to my other problem child, see pictures above. Another merino, blend, with little birds. I’ve had this jersey blazer pattern for a while and finally got the right fabric. I had everything nicely laid out on the living room floor, paid extra attention to aligning the pieces nicely so my patterns would match. Well, dumb mistake, I had folded the fabric over width wise not lengthwise (or is it the other way around?) anyway, one side of the jacket has the bird running up, the other side down… Grr and I don’t have enough fabric to cut one side again.

I asked a few people what they thought and the majority didn’t even notice it (including my super picky sewing mother), so I decided to just keep going, but turn the pocket covers and collar around, so the inside solid grey would break the pattern a bit. Turned out ok I think.

wardrobe arch jacket 5

I had just gotten ready to put the collar in just to notice I didn’t have one… Neither did I have the pattern piece. Not my fortnight of sewing!!! The other half said why don’t you just out a little stand up collar on that, that would look ok, and it does. I’m happy with that.

wardrobe arch jacket 3 wardrobe arch jacket 4

Fit otherwise is ok, but now I’m struggling with the sleeves, I’m on my third unpicking now, something is just not quite right. The arm holes are just too big. I always have the issue with shoulders being too wide (which is a bit strange as mine are not small, but I also have a skinny neck, so maybe that makes the difference… Or maybe that’s what makes my shoulders look bigger). Anyway, I yesterday I was ready to just leave it all and start something else, but I love Jersey Blazers and really want to make one! So, I spend the evening researching sleeve setting and I’m not disheartened anymore, I’ll give it another go tomorrow evening. I might hand baste them first, see what works and then sew them in (unpicking is a bit of a bitch with this fabric). I’ll hopefully post an update of a finished jacket and cardigan on the weekend.

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