Ginger Jeans

Third project almost done. I ran out of top stitching thread. Closet case’s Ginger jeans version A – low waist, stovepipe – my first time trying to make jeans. Not too bad if I may say so.
wardrobe arch jeans 2
wardrobe arch jeans 3wardrobe arch jeans 4

This is meant to be a wearable muslin for a blue jeans-like fabric, and apart from a few alterations I’ll make to the pattern, it’s just the ticket. Amazing! Just the right thing.

Even though I did the waistband twice already for this one, it’s still not curved enough (I don’t have any more jeans, so darts in the waistband will have to do the job for now), darn swaying back… For the ‘real’ project, I’ll redo the pattern and take 2cm off the yoke (properly, not just creating a dart at the back) and I’ll redraft the waistband completely, it needs at least 3-4cm taken out the top. Otherwise, all great. Looking forward to buying more thread and finishing these tomorrow.

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