My sewing plan (more or less)

From the week 11 exercise, here’s what’s already in my closet that would fit into my collection:

  • 1 black skinny pants
  • 1 taupe/beige skinny pants
  • 1 skinny jeans
  • Some old fitted black t-shirts that are a bit boring
  • 1 alt rosa t-shirt that is nice
  • 1 navy/white striped t-shirt
  • 1 very old taupe t-shirt
  • 1 taupe designer dress
  • 1 beige/taupe fitted jersey dress
  • 1 black short (pencil skirt alternative)
  • 1 longer black pencil skirt

This is an initial quite long list of pieces I am thinking about making…

  • 1 slim pant, navy blue
  • 1 t-shirt, black (or modify existing one)
  • 1-2 singlets, coral red, rust, bright green or blush, silk or with some lace
  • 1 long sleeve or ¾ sleeve top, navy blue, more interesting cut or pattern, maybe something with racing stripes like Cue stuff
  • 1 longer sleeve or ¾ top, taupe, alt rosa or coral red (depending on singlet colour) (maybe striped, b/w)
  • 1 fitted blouse, light blue (lighter jeans colour, maybe patterned?)
  • 1 pencil skirt, coloured or patterned (floral?)
  • 1 pencil skirt (or modify blue slim skirt), navy blue
  • 1 A-line skirt, patterned or coloured (not neutral)
  • 1 fitted dress, black/navy, wool casual lbd
  • 1 shirt dress (slim dress), taupe, rust, navy blue, bright green (coral red)
  • 1 wrap dress, patterned, maybe floral or neutral animal to replace existing one!!! something drapey with stretch (semi casual)
  • 1 blazer, creme or taupe or blush pink (maybe white or creme if can find something that’s washable), wool/wool jersey
  • 1 blazer, coloured (rust or alt rosa), wool/wool jersey
  • 1 blouson top, colour?, silk top/t-shirt or knit/jersey t-shirt or unlined knit jacket or jacket style


  • if I find a nice shift, shirt or wrap dress pattern that is easy to do, maybe make another one instead of a skirt.

Later in season

  • 1 cardi, evtl like the wrap one black or navy blue, Merino
  • 1 turtleneck, Merino (wearable as under layer and as sweater)
  • short coat or mid-length “indoor” trench coat (see silhouette images), in a pattern, in winter wool

I’ve started to find patterns and fabric (mostly from my stash) and will now try to work out which order to make these in, quite a challenge. I think I may start my way down from roughly the top of this list, or intersperse something simple with something that may take a while.

This week/weekend it will be these two to start with, both patterns I already own and fabric in my stash:

T-shirt in black jersey by Burda Style:

And this, in a grey/turquoise striped jersey also Burda Style (this will be more of a wearable muslin, as the colour of the fabric I have is not totally part of my colour palette for this season and I am not totally sure if this will work on me):

I will post results as they come in 😉

Happy sewing

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